Amazon Flex is a transport franchise or works directly for Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest companies in existence today and is always on the lookout for innovations to offer the best quality of service to their customers. It recently rolled out Amazon Flex, a franchise that allows its affiliates to earn extra cash.

Is Amazon Flex a transport franchise or do you work directly for Amazon?

      What is AmazonFlex?

      Amazon Flex started out as a transportation franchise first and later became a courier service. It is the users themselves who are responsible for the distribution of Amazon Prime Now orders, Amazon's one-hour delivery service.

      This is done with the aim of ensure delivery in the shortest possible time without depending on the schedules of parcels and transport agencies. Depending on the mode users choose, they can earn between $15 and $20 per hour.

      The entire procedure takes place via the App. The person who will receive the package will be able to monitor your order at all times until it arrives at your home. While the distributors access the application to look for the package.

      Functions of the people in charge of delivering the package

      • Delivery can choose the time that suits you best to deliver parcels.
      • They will be associated with a specific location
      • They monitor the delivery until it reaches its destination
      • Search for products in a starting point
      • Scan and verify that the parcel code correspond before picking it up and handing it over

      How to participate in Amazon Flex?

      Amazon's parcel delivery service works in two ways. The first is through acquiring the franchise and the second is by participating in the messaging program on your own, but you must meet a number of prerequisites.

      Requirements to acquire the Amazon Flex franchise

      • Invest at least $10.000 in principal
      • Hire a team
      • Manage a fleet of trucks which will be used to deliver Amazon and Amazon Prime products
      • Trucks must be identified with the brand logo
      • Delivery drivers are required to wear a uniform on a mandatory basis

      Once you have all the requirements you must register on the platform and then they will send you an acceptance message. In addition, it is necessary to register with the Revenue Agency and the General Treasury of Social Security.

      Amazon is responsible for staff training , to maintain the quality of service in parcel delivery. To encourage the success of the franchise, it also offers benefits such as van rental and insurance discounts.

      Requirements for working independently making deliveries

      • Be 21 years old or age of majority
      • Current and valid driving license in your region
      • Your own vehicle
      • Own a cell phone
      • Criminal record updated. They will be verified by the company
      • Choose from blocks of 2, 4 and 8 hours of work 7 days a week

      It is a modality only for local deliveries . The person needs to have an app installed on their phone that tells them when a parcel is available to then deliver to a nearby location and will indicate where they should pick up the parcel.

      The advantage of this form of work is that you choose your own time , however it is necessary to work at least two hours a day. There is a 24 hour limit per week.

      It is not necessary to wear a uniform during the delivery. But the person he cannot have companions during the hours in which it collects and delivers the parcels.

      Amazon Flex is currently available in select US cities and is in a trial period. However, Amazon is considering expanding it to more cities due to its success.

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