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L' Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet it is a portable device that has caused quite a stir in the market due to its affordability. And although its internal memory is quite limited, it allows you to download various applications that help you get out of trouble in times of trouble. For this today you will see How to Install, Uninstall and Update Applications on Your Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet and learn how to manage apps.

Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Video integrate with the Amazon Kindle Fire and allow you to access them faster and easier. Well, for sure everything revolves around the world of Amazon and how not? If they are the creators, the whole device is designed for this purpose.

How to install, update or uninstall apps from the Google Play Store

First, we need to clarify that we don't have Google apps here, however it does have an App Store that allows us to install apps. With this we can install basic games and apps.

To install applications on our device we must go to the App Store and in the search engine write the function we want to download. For example Candy Crush , when you get the results you select the 'Download' option and that's it, this application will appear on the main screen.

A very important aspect to highlight is that in this store the applications are very limited but even so we can also download from the Google Play Store through a series of very simple instructions.

To update these applications you need to open the App Store and go to the applications menu, then click about the 'Update available' option this box you will get on the right side of all applications you have downloaded on this device.

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Press the tab of update and it will immediately start the download the update, this procedure can be done manually with anyone who wants to update their services.

Now if you want to delete or uninstall an application, you just need to click on the application menu located in the configuration section and press the 'Uninstall' option. In this way, the selected application will immediately disappear from your mobile system, although you have the option to reinstall it again in the future, Google Play has no restrictions with this.

Benefits of Buying an Amazon Kindle Tablet

One of the most impressive features is that this Tablet has the ability to change type and the font size. You can make the font very large to make it easier to read and make the moment more pleasant for your eyes.

And not only that, it also has the ability to convert text into spoken Spanish; especially in times when the person wants to rest their eyes.Generally, readers like to point out some important phrases in books, here they can also do it, but digitally.

This way all the reader's favorite quotes are saved in the memory of the Kindle tablet. Also, the size they are quite portable and practical to carry , making it one of the preferred options on the market. In this small device you can move many books at the same time and without having to carry a lot of weight, which is a considerable saving of money.

Most common uses of an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet

First of all, this is a device designed to be a digital book reader 's best ally; and e-books are a lot cheaper than buying them physically. Many people today prefer to invest in a Kindle because they know it will cost less in the long run.

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Also, you have a special light at your disposal which facilitates reading even under the sun's rays. This is called electronic ink, which allows you to continue reading without any inconvenience under any circumstances.

This Tablet allows you also to read books in different formats that make you expand your library without any inconvenience; which means you can download your favorite authors and read them in EPUD or PDF format.

It should be noted that this device has by default a smart assistant called Alexa , with this you can save yourself from doing a lot of tasks manually and hence it is a favorite with the public.

You can also customize your home screen, you can even put a slideshow of your gallery images as a background.

What if your concern is that someone else looks at the information on your Tablet , you can restrict access to an application while someone else has it. To do this, you can enable application blocking in the privacy and security settings menu.

Download Play Store and Amazon Kindle Fire 7, 8 and 10 Tablet

The first thing you should do is go to the settings section and setting up your Amazon Kindle tablet . You must know that to fully comply with this process, applications must be downloaded in APK format; Likewise, you'll need to download other essential applications for everything to work properly.

These applications are frameworks, Google account managers, Google Play and its services, in total there are four applications to download. To do this, you should go to the security tab and from there grant the device permission to install applications of unknown origin and install them correctly in APK format.

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Now it is time to download the applications described above so that Google Play works and can open it without problems. After that, you will log in by storing your data and password and, from now on, you can download all the applications you want to integrate with your favorite readings.

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