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Photographs have become people's best personal brand to make moments unforgettable and permanent over time . So with the ability to share them on social networks, the search to find a photo that shows an ideal message has only increased.

However, despite the fact that the different social media platforms have a section for insert text in captions, many times this is not enough. So you need to have an editing application that allows you to write text on photos and images.

Therefore, we will show you which application you can access that helps you write or insert text on photos e on images on your mobile device.

Apps for writing text on photos on Android

If you have an Android device, the PhotoGrid application is one of the best options if you want to find a tool for insert text into your images and photos easily and versatile. Well, this application also allows you to create collages and edit photos from your Android, with a large variety of options for putting text on your photos.

Likewise, another option you can access is the Phonto application . This application is one of the best when it comes to writing and inserting text on photos, as it puts more than 400 different characters at your disposal. Additionally, you can configure the text size according to your preferences, as well as color, slant and underline, among other features.

On the other hand, in case you want to access an application to write text on photos exclusively from Android, the textO app is an option for you . This application is only available for this operating system which is a plus when you consider the various features when it comes to adding text to photos. TextO has a variety of patterns, colors and fonts.

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Applications for writing text on photos on iOS

A fairly comprehensive option at your disposal, if you want to have a tool on your iOS device that allows you to insert text on your photos and images is the Textgram application. This platform has several colorful backgrounds, templates, and numerous fonts so that you can insert text into your photo the way you want.

Likewise, the PicsArt photo editing application has an option that will allow you to insert the text you want in the image. In addition, the PicsArt application has a tool to change or remove the background of the photographs, so that later you can position the text you want in the way you like best.

Typic Pro is another option when it comes to putting text on photos. It is an application exclusive to iPhone and iOS operating systems and with it you can change the font style according to your preferences to give the ideal touch to your favorite photo with a written message.

Alternatives to write or insert text on photos with applications

In case you haven't finished convincing yourself with any of the apps mentioned above in our recommendation, don't worry. If what you want is not having to integrate an extra application in your device to be able to write text on your photos, there are some alternatives you probably already have.

One such option that you have at your fingertips is Word text creation application . Despite being a text creation application, Word has a tool that allows you to edit an image with text from your Android or iOS mobile.

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On the other hand, you can also write or insert some text on images from the WhatsApp messaging application. This application allows you to easily edit photos and images before sending them to your contacts or status. Then you can access one tool to insert text in your photos from this application.

In this way, you will be able to insert or write texts on your photos and images in an easy way, to make them look amazing and the way you want .

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