Are Glovo distributors self-employed or fake self-employed?

Glovo is a Spanish company dedicated to home delivery of any product you buy. Through the Glovo app you will learn to enter different shops and franchises and choose what type of item you will buy. And the Glovo delivery men will deliver quickly your purchase to your home .

Are Glovo distributors self-employed or fake self-employed?

Since its foundation in 2015, Glovo has been a highly successful and renowned company due to its innovative ideas in delivery. THE "gloves" (Name given to Glovo delivery men) are tasked with facilitating items to shoppers who have used the app. However, a good question to ask is what is the working dynamic of the gloves compared to Glovo?

      Are Glovo distributors autonomous?

      Many say that the work of gloves is quite limited by regulations and therefore they are considered ordinary employees. The fact that the gloves depend on the company to work and offer their services so they can deliver it might make them look like wage laborers.

      On the other hand, Glovo distributors work with a driver or a car, for which they use their own method of transport and a unique working dynamic. This will in no way depend on Glovo. Because every delivery person has to find an individual way to carry out their duties , they can also be considered autonomous.

      However, the fact that they are subject to the company to carry out their work and receive compensation makes them falsely independent.

      What is a fake self-employed at Glovo?

      To understand what a fake self-employed person is, the most reasonable thing is to understand and understand what it means to be self-employed. Self-employed are people who work and support themselves, without having to report to outside companies or a superior. Of course it should be emphasized that to work with Glovo you must meet the requirements, whether they are freelancers or self-employed or false self-employed.

      Un independent seller , for example, regardless of its branch, is a clear model of self-employed or financially independent person.

      So, a freelancer is always working on his own, but of course he might have business alliances that he doesn't necessarily have to answer to. Taxi drivers, artists, athletes, carriers generally clearly represent what would come to be a self-employed non-employee .

      Going along this line of ideas, a false self-employed person would be one who claims to be self-employed but has some level or total level of economic dependency. Of course, a seller's goods depend on his suppliers, but it is not his suppliers who pay him for all the sales he makes.

      Hence, many delivery workers or "gloves" they do not qualify as self-employed but as false self-employed workers, as they are paid according to Glovo. They cannot in any way change the amount of money they should get by contracting with the express delivery company.

      This always remains the same regardless of whether they have their own method of transport or operation, with total impartiality. For this reason it can be safely said that the distributors for external companies who receive the remuneration stipulated by them are always false self-employed workers or better called: employees.

      Advantages of Glovo autonomous vending machines

      • Your earnings are not limited from a company standard, but will directly depend on the service you perform and the level of your sales.
      • You shouldn't have to meet deadlines set by a superior or maybe be limited by office hours, you can be your own boss without any problems.
      • You can set the your schedules for yourself , which means that you could do extra activities or extra work without any problem.

      Advantages of being a self-employed Glovo fake delivery man

      • You are typically privileged to have a safe work thanks to a contract you have previously established with the company you will work for.

      • You will be working on a fixed schedule which you will be informed in advance which means a routine set for fit in easily .

      As you have been able to analyze, it is at your disposal to work as a freelancer or without being a freelancer in Glovo. The important thing is that you already know how to differentiate the two if you ever think of joining this franchise. This article is a reliable guide, so don't doubt what is being explained and analyzed.

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