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There are many instant messaging applications, but WhatsApp she is still the "queen". It currently has more than 2 billion users and that's more than a quarter of the world's population. Get the most out of it with the secret tips and tricks of WhatsApp.

    Secret tips and tricks for WhatsApp

    Put the words in bold, italics or strikethrough

    A good idea to underline in a nutshell and highlight the important part of any message.

    • Bold: to make the words bold, insert an asterisk at the beginning and at the end * Bold * in the sentence you want to highlight.
    • Italic: enter a character of _cursive_ underline at the beginning and end of the sentence to be highlighted .
    • Strikethrough: if you want to delete a word or phrase, you have to put accents at the beginning and at the end ~ strikethrough ~ .

    Highlight a chat

    Pin all the WhatsApp conversations that interest you so that it is the first thing you see when you open the WhatsApp application. It is a useful function for remember to reply to a message you left for later . To highlight a conversation, select it from the chats and select the pin icon (pin shaped) option.

    Calculate how much data you are using

    Be in control of how much browsing data you use on social media it is a priority when there is a consumption limit. You can monitor in WhatsApp how much you consume between videos, images and audio.

    • Android e iOS: Settings - Data and storage - Data usage

    Highlight important messages

    If there is an important message and you want to save it to access it again but without having to re-read the entire conversation, you can. You just have to make the message like a star for see it in the Special Messages section .

    • Android: Select the chat - select the message by holding your finger for more than a second - Three-dot button - Highlight.
    • iOS: Select the chat - select the message you want by double tapping or holding down - Button with three dots - Highlight.
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    Limit your data consumption

    Configure your WhatsApp account to consume as little data as possible and it's you a control the amount of data it consumes and what types of files are downloaded.

    • Android and iOS: Settings - Data and storage - Automatic download - Download with mobile data / Download with Wi-Fi.

    Your privacy comes first

    Double security

    Se hai Face ID o Touch ID you can configure double security to access your WhatsApp application. If the app is blocked, you can still reply to notification and call messages.

    Android: Login settings - Account - Privacy - Fingerprint lock.

    iOS : Go to Settings - Account - Privacy - Screen lock - Enable Request facial identification / Request touch identification.

    Hide the double blue tick

    Ideal for people who read your messages and choose to reply later. If you don't respond to messages immediately, the other person won't notice because double-checking doesn't change color. The downside is that you won't even see when others read the messages you send them .

    • Android: Settings - Account - Privacy - Confirm reading.
    • iOS: Settings - Account - Privacy - Disable read receipts.

    Turn off the preview

    Prevent people from seeing your incoming messages displayed on the home screen by disabling home notifications.

    • Android: Settings - notifications. From there you can configure what types of notifications they want to be shown if they are of high priority.
    • iOS: Settings - Notifications - Disable Show preview / Settings - Notifications - Disable show notifications.

    Avoid automatic saving of images and videos

    Configure chats so images and videos don't download automatically. By disabling group chats, automatic downloads are also disabled.

    • Android: Settings - Data and storage - Automatic download.
    • iOS: select the specific chat and at the top of the screen put Save to Camera Roll.
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    Find out how long you have been ignored

    If you find that someone saw the message you sent them and didn't reply to you, you can see when they received it and when they read it.

    • Android: Specific chat - select message - button with three dots - Info.
    • iOS: specific chat - select the message - slide your finger across the screen from right to left.
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