Can I view Blim content without an internet connection on my laptop or PC?

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Today we can see a large number of users who create streaming multimedia content , showing various things of all kinds, although most of them focus on making streaming video in the field of video games, either reacting to one or directly playing it and showing your progress throughout the game.

    What is streaming?

    The word streaming translated into Spanish means live broadcast , and this is an action that has currently become very viral and innovative among people who usually enjoy the content offered by the Internet, where a large number of users decide to start broadcasting live and live some activities or upload some specific content .

    This can be seen above all in several YouTubers, who normally upload their own content directly on the YouTube platform, but now given the great demand for videos on streaming platforms they have decided to start uploading this type of content.

    We can find a large variety of platforms and web pages that offer streaming content and where in turn we can upload our content, either by showing some particular content, or simply playing , one of the most used platforms for the field of video games is the Twitch platform, where we can also stream from mobile.

    However, Streaming can be used for various activities that require a live broadcast, a great example is the Blim platform , where you will be able to enjoy series and movies and any other type of audiovisual content you want online. , which unlike other applications of this type, you will be able to see the program you want without having to download it previously.

    How to use Blim to watch series on PC?

    The Blim platform is a very complete web page that has a simple and modern look and design, perfect for you to enjoy with your favorite shows, series and movies , it should be noted that this application can be found and used from your mobile device, computer or even on your Smart TV.

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    To start using this platform to watch your favorite movies and series, you need to create an account and purchase a monthly plan to be able to access the contents of this application, a function somewhat similar to the popular Netflix platform.

    Content available in the Blim TV Basic plan

    Recently, the Blin TV platform has expanded its free service to more than 14.000 hours of available content, its free and ad-free catalog consists of more than 35 live channels, as well as offering 37.000 hours of “On Demand” content. In its menu you will find series, films, sports programs, documentaries, soap operas and a large amount of material produced by companies such as Madiapro, Sony, RCN, Cenépolis, Videocine and many others.

    How to download my favorite content for offline viewing

    Blim's platform, being a streaming or live streaming website, does not directly allow us to use it without our device being connected to an Internet connection, therefore it is impossible to watch a series or a movie without the Internet.

    The only alternative would be download the movie in as such, or the chapters and seasons that we want from the series so that we can later enjoy them and watch them from our device, but it is advisable to always use Blim with an Internet connection, so that you can see your favorite content without having to wait like that a long time.

    Some common problems when viewing Blim content

    Playback problems

    The first thing to check if you have problems playing the content is if there are pending payments on your subscription, also check if you have the latest version of Blim installed on your device, if not update it. Another important thing is to make sure that your internet connection is not faulty , remember that a smooth internet connection is required to be able to play the content.

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    Unapproved monthly charge

    This type of error occurs when the platform was unable to successfully make the payment from our bank account , it is best to update our payment method within our account setup.

    Unsupported decoder: 404 error

    This is a very common problem that is linked to a failure to update the decoder you are using, a possible solution is: Turn off the decoder, disconnect it from the internet, you also need to unplug the power cord for about 5 minutes , then go back to connect the power grid and the Internet. If there is an update waiting to be installed, it will be downloaded and installed automatically, this should fix the problem.

    Blim version not updated: error 14107

    This is an error that occurs from time to time for Apple device users, in this case it is advisable to check that you have the latest version of Blim TV installed , as well as that the version of your iOS is from 10.0 onwards. If not, the solution should come by updating both your app and your system.

    Unstable internet connection: error 420

    This problem is related to an unstable or too slow internet connection , the most advisable thing in this case is to check the speed of your internet connection, normally for a smooth streaming you should have at least 5 MB per second of speed, you can check the speed of your connection on a page like and make sure to meet this requirement.

    Blim compatibility with other devices

    Blim TV is compatible with a wide variety of Android devices from version 5, if you use Apple you should make sure you have at least version 10.0 or later, it is also compatible with Chorme browser from version 49, Mozilla Fireflox from version 51, Safari from version 9 and Internet Explorer from version 11.

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    It is also fully compatible with Smart TVs that use Android in all its versions, some exclusive Samsung models and some specific Sony models. You can also install it on all streaming players like Android TV, Roku, Apple TV and Crhomecast, it is even compatible with some video game consoles like PlaStation 4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One.

    Download Blim on your Android smart device

    • To download the application or streaming platform on a device with an operating system, we will need to access the Google Play Store official, which in turn must be updated to its latest version in order to access all its functions
    • Then search for the Blim application in the Google Play Store, which is available for free download, download it to your device.
    • Once you have finished installing the application, you will need to open it
    • Create a Blim account and add your payment method and the monthly plan you want to get to access Blim content
    • And ready! You can enjoy all the movies and series you want found on the Blim platform

    Download Blim on your iPhone iOS device

    • To get started, find the Blim app in the official App Store
    • Once found, click on it to access its description and information and click the install button for download the application
    • Once the download is complete, open the Blim application
    • Next, you'll need to log in or create an account, where you'll also need to purchase a monthly plan to get access to all Blim content.
    • It's ready! You will be able to easily see all your movies and favorite series in Blim

    Advantages of having a Premium plan on Blim TV

    Among the most important advantages we can mention that you can download to view offline content , you will not have to watch commercial breaks, you will have exclusive access to previews before they are broadcast on TV, you will be able to enjoy live and live football matches, plus 37.000 hours of premium content and you can create up to 5 profiles within the platform .

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