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The ability to scan all types of documents has become one of the most used functions today. Well, this action is not only possible from printers or scanners, but with mobile devices you can access this process.

However, many times when scanning a document, this is adapted to standardized dimensions from the scanner. Which, consequently, are not desired by many users and it is necessary to change the size of the scanned document or image.

For this reason, here we will show you the steps you need to follow and how you can easily enlarge or resize a photo or document that you have scanned.

How to resize a document or image in Paint

One of the best tools for enlarge or reduce the size of a photo or document that was scanned is the Paint platform. Therefore, whether you use your mobile device to scan documents or use a program to scan with your HP or other brand printer, it is essential to save the scanned files in image format.

Then, to change the size of the scanned file , you need to open it in the Paint program. Once there, you need to go to the toolbar displayed at the top of the window and select the 'Resize' option.

When you enter, we advise you to change the "Percentage" section to according to the size you want to achieve and to leave the "Pixel" section intact to preserve the image quality. Likewise, you can maintain a relationship on it or configure each end of the image to whatever size you want.

Finally, after saving the configuration, you will only have to save the new file you edited . In this way, you will have successfully changed and enlarged the size of a photo or document using the Paint program.

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Resize the scanned image

When scanning, the image may not display very well or the size has been deconfigured and is even larger than the original image. Because of this, you will be able to observe a predetermined view on the scanner screen of what is scanned. So what you need to do is access the zoom directly; either to increase or decrease the size of the scan; so make sure it comes out the right size you are looking for.

Another option for this problem is why the scan crop has not been adjusted. To do this, the main thing is to be patient, as it will be scanned image by image. It starts with the selection of the crop box, you have to move that box (by clicking on it and dragging where needed); here you can expand the box to the image with the squares appearing there and with the circle you can rotate.

How to change the properties of a document or image for scanning

One of the best ways to get the desired size of a photo or scanned document is configure the size that tale file will from the scanner. This is a step prior to the file scanning process, so that the scanned document or images have the desired quality and size.

To do this, you need to place the document to be scanned in the scanner and after closing the lid, access the 'Scan settings' , you can access this option from the scanner user interface. If you use your printer to scan documents, it also has these settings.

Once there, you have to select 600 pixels per inch for setting the scan resolution. This is the optimal size for most of the photos or documents you want to scan, you should know that the higher the pixels per inch value, the larger the file size will also be.

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Finally, after making this configuration, you can proceed to scan the document you want. Make sure you save it as a JPG file as well to facilitate possible resizing later .

Enhance your scanned documents

To ensure that your scanned documents reach a better quality you must follow the advice we will give you below; where you can increase the level for each image that is scanned

  • Enter the printer settings options from your PC
  • Each printer carries its own application and it is by entering it that you have access
  • While you are in the settings, a new window will appear with a list
  • The options offered vary: image format, color, file resolution
  • Once the options are displayed, select the ones that work best for you
  • They will be saved and applied to new scans

On the other hand, you can make this improvement using an application on your cell phone or any other mobile device ; Furthermore, even with the phone's camera you can increase the quality when going to scan any file or when using a photo editing app.

Scan at actual size

If you want to scan to a document, image or file; but that it is seen in the original way, that is, that it comes out as we see it physically. In general, all printers are programmed at the factory to scan at actual file size; however, this feature may have been deconfigured and even disabled.

When this problem arises, it can be tedious, but it turns out to be easy to solve; You have to follow the instructions below: first you have to check the properties or settings of the printer, there you will find the "real size" option; hit where it says automatic and voila, you have activated it manually.

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Reduce the size of a scanned file

After scanning the file, you can reduce its size in a simple way, quick and easy. First look for the file saved on your PC, left click on it to open it. Here you will go to the save section (upper left corner), thus displaying the option to optimize; finally in this function you can change the size of said file so that it can be published and shared easily.

Scan and enlarge a photo

If you have a printed image and you want its size to be enlarged, you should pay attention to the instructions we will give you below so that you can do it in the best possible way and save time on it.

  1. Open the scanner lid and insert the photo
  2. Look on the lid for scan settings
  3. Then select the JPEG format
  4. Next, you need to find a resolution of 600 pixels (appropriate for the size and quality of the image)
  5. You can open the scanned image on your pc and enlarge it according to your criteria using paint, for example

Another possible method depends on the copier model. If you have a large multifunction printer (used in work offices, stationeries and other places that require a very high use); these usually have buttons on their cover; where you can easily increase or decrease the size of photos and documents without using a program.

All you have to do is insert the sheet into the scanner, turn on the printer; then press on the buttons indicating increase or decrease (one arrow may appear at the top and the other at the bottom); And there you decide how far to enlarge the image in a much simpler and more comfortable way for users

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