Come fare Hangout dal vivo - Hangout in onda

Want to learn more about using Hangouts e on the organization of live hangout events ? Then this post is for you. Learn a lot simple how to do hangout live or hangout live.

How to Hangout Live – Hangout Live

      About Hangouts Live - Hangouts Live

      The Google Hangouts application has evolved from time to time thus meeting the interaction needs of its users with advanced alternatives. It offers you a wide range of tools, you can create a group in Hangouts to make video calls and also make Hangouts live, which has now been updated to hangout in Live or Hangout Live.

      Live Hangouts - Hangout live is nothing more than a service that allows you to organize events or broadcast live; This function allows you to include up to 8 people at the same time, through which you can make presentations, meetings or hold conferences.

      How can you do Hangout live

      If you have been a loyal user of Hangouts and you've broadcast Hangouts live or live, you might be wondering right now how to do that if this feature is already outdated or not turned on. However, we want to give you some good news, and that is that now Google offers you another method of earning, that of hangouts on air , be careful:

      • Enter your YouTube channel, on the left side of the screen click on Control Panel Events Broadcast Now .
      • Click on Create a new live event , there you can make all the settings assigning a title to the event; don't forget to set it to public, although you also have hidden and private options.
      • In the type box you have the option to put it in Google Hangouts or in OBS, after which you have the option to click Go Live Now.
      • Then you can indicate the scheduled day and date, schedule the time, description and select the labels you deem necessary.
      • You can now go to the advanced settings menu; it will take you to another window where you can configure the following: age description (if there are restrictions for minors), start the event automatically and store the event.
      • If you would like the event is transmitted by Facebook or social networks, you can select Allow embedding; also block spam, remove someone from the event invitee list, enable chat, enable event mode, and very importantly, your YouTube license.
      • So, in the right column you can enter the category of the event, select if you have any announcements or promotions. If you prefer that the video statistics (likes or dislikes) not be shown publicly, you have the option to hide them after recording.
      • You will also be able to turn comments on or off and enter the live broadcast as mandatory. So your contacts in Google Hangouts won't be able to delay the broadcast.
      • Once you've verified your settings and saved your changes, you can click monetization and turn it on, if you've monetized it.
      • Finally, if in the new event creation screen you want to send the live event Now. It will take you to another live broadcast Hangouts window; there after loading all the tools on the left side of the screen you can click on the start now button for broadcast live.
      • But before starting, right there if you want to activate other options such as screen sharing, click on the symbol at the top of the left panel and it gives you all the options; then you need to select the screen or screens you want to share, which will be activated along with the audio and the camera will also be activated.

      You feel that you have deepened your knowledge on how to do it Hangout dal vivo or Hangout live ? We invite you to make your videos and video conferences live and make yourself known on the web.

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