Complete guide to work in Amazon Flex without problems

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Anyone who wants can join the Amazon Flex team, a way of working at Amazon that allows them to earn additional income. If you want to know everything about this service, you're in the right place. We will then provide you with one complete guide to be able to work in Amazon Flex without problems.

Complete guide to work in Amazon Flex without problems

      Complete guide to work with Amazon Flex without problems

      Work like this it's easier than it seems. As a delivery worker, you need to get the delivery locks through the Amazon Flex application which you need to download beforehand.

      You can acquire them in several ways, one of them is through " Calendar" , an app option that you can update to be conveniently informed about offers; They have a time limit but will be presented to you on a frequent basis.

      Another way to access these blocks is to access the home page that everyone uses Amazon Flex users and select the available offer . Once a special block has been set aside, you must go to the collection station indicated by the app to collect the parcels and proceed with the distribution.

      Among the important guidelines you must adhere to is: do not bring a companion. This is a company requirement for various reasons, but it works in your favor because it allows you to upload more packages, the which translates into more revenue .

      At the end you will be able to go home and carry out other activities, but on some occasions you will have to go back to the collection point to return material, for example thermal bags, which will be used in other deliveries.

      You will receive the payment automatically in your registered bank account. Your net salary and what you receive will depend on the days you worked and the goods you distribute, from Amazon o Prime Now. Also, you should know that the days Amazon Flex pays you your earnings are fixed.

      Requirements for working with Amazon Flex

      As you are aware of how to work with this large delivery network, you should also know the requirements you need to meet. Thanks to the ease with which you can work with Amazon Flex , you will imagine that they are very simple and they are. The requirements are:

      • Vehicle. It can be owned, borrowed or rented. It should be of medium size , preferably a four-door with which to load and unload parcels comfortably. It is important to have the corresponding driving licence, permits and insurance for the day.
      • Amazon Flex application. To download it, if you have an Android device, you must have at least version 5.0 and 2GB of RAM.

      • Age. The company does not require a minimum age, although it can be inferred that it must be from 18 years of age , due to driving license and vehicle requirements. There is no maximum age to access this type of work, only the right physical and mental conditions.
      • Disk. You will need to register on the official Amazon Flex page. Enter your full name, mobile phone, vehicle type, postcode and email. If you have an Amazon account, you don't need to enter all of this data again.
      • Devices. It is essential that the mobile device is equipped with barcode reader and GPS ; These will work in conjunction with the app so you can do your job.

      The company wants to warn users and prospective workers that Amazon Flex should not become a primary source of revenue, as delivery blocks can vary from week to week. In other words, there will be days when you are unable to deliver.

      If this happens to you at work, you should learn these tricks for when there are no blocks to deploy in Amazon Flex.

      Another aspect to consider is that you have to take care of the costs of petrol and maintenance of your vehicle; although for some this is not a problem, since the company sorts the packages within the area or city where you reside. If you are interested in this activity, you already have a complete guide to work in Amazon Flex without problems.

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