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SMART TVs were one of the last big advances in entertainment, today everyone wants one. In any case, it is expensive equipment, but it is not necessary to have that much money to live the experience, today we will show you how turn your TV into a Smart SMART TV - AKASO QBOX.

Convert TV into a Smart SMART TV - AKASO QBOX

To live the experience of one Smart TV in fact, it is not necessary to spend extraordinary sums of money. In fact, by investing very little you can live a similar experience, you do it through the AKASO QBOX product.

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    The way we watch television has changed a lot , before we had an established signal where we could access a few dozen different channels. This completely changed when the internet emerged.

    The growth of the Internet has led to the emergence of new entertainment platforms, such as YouTube, and later streaming services such as the popular one Netflix,HBO o DisneyPlus, spaces that ended up absorbing many viewers.

    The truth is that cable television continues to have a certain boom, but it is nowhere near what it has been in the past. Today everything has evolved, and we can safely say that this is the era of SMART TV.

    What is a SMART TV?

    Today everyone is talking about SMART TV, if you wonder what they are, do not worry, the answer is very simple. They are televisions with these characteristics, such as being able to access the Internet and browse streaming applications.

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    Some Smart TV (as SMART TVs are also called) even allow you to play them, but the truth is that their main function is to access platforms such as Disney +, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

    These features mean that you don't need an add-on like a computer to access these sites and platforms. In any case, the SMART TV they tend to be considerably more expensive than conventional televisions.

    For this there are other electives ...


    The so-called SMART TV BOX are devices very similar to computers, but very small in size that aim to integrate the functions of a SMART TV to a conventional TV. Through these devices it is possible to use applications and streaming platforms , very easily.

    The advantages of this type of products are that they are usually a lot cheaper and comply to the letter with the functions for which they are purchased.

    Convert TV into a Smart SMART TV - AKASO QBOX

    One of the most important SMART TV BOX on the market economical is the AKASO QBOX . It is an economical product, which for less than € 50 allows you to access the main functions of a SMART TV.

    To use this product you just have to follow these steps:

      Through the above method you will get a very similar experience to that of a SMART TV, without spending too much money. Also, AKASO QBOX has other features that might interest you, if it catches your attention buy it and tell us your experience. So easily turn your old TV into a Smart TV.

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