Correction error: Oh! We cannot activate Twitch Prime on your account

But first of all, what is Twitch Prime all about?

At this point, it is unlikely that you are not familiar with Twitch Prime, although, rather, Prime Gaming. However, suffice it to explain that this is a paid add-on service that Amazon Prime offers its Twitch users.

In case you don't have this mode yet, you just have to contract i Amazon Prime services at a cost of € 3,99 per month. Once your payment is canceled, Twitch Prime will be immediately available to you. If you already have an account, but are inactive, you can quickly and easily re-establish your Amazon Prime membership.

What benefits does Twitch Prime offer? Don't let a mistake ruin your subscription!

Failure to activate Twitch Prime in your account can completely limit your access to the benefits of this Amazon variable. Therefore, it is important that it is fixed quickly, as otherwise you may regret it.

It is not an aspect to be overlooked and, if you still do not know the advantages of this platform, better get on it. Surely, when you are familiar with them, your attitude will change briefly.

Free packs and games!

Gaming Prime or Twitch Prime grants the account owner a number of trending free games monthly. Together with them, Amazon Prime gives away a series of packages or 'loot'.

These loot consist of various treasures, coins, weapons or valuable tools within a specific game. As long as they are in the catalog, these boots are perfectly compatible with the games immersed in it.

Fully improved chats!

One of the little-known ways to improve streaming chat on Twitch is to use this service. Thanks to it, new emoticons, colors and different looks will be unlocked to shine on your channel. To top it all off, being a Twitch Prime creditor is synonymous with displaying an exclusive "Prime" badge for your channel. Do you understand why you need to correct the inability to activate Twitch Prime in your account?

A new storage capacity at your fingertips

Twitch streams are typically archived for 14 days based on their characteristics. However , by paying the price of Twitch Prime services, this capacity increases dramatically up to 60 days.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue of not being able to activate Twitch Prime on your account. Some time ago, the number of users who reported this possibility was enormous, especially those related to Fortnite.

However, support from Twitch and Amazon's aside, has answered the doubts. First of all, you need to take your position into consideration. If you are from the United States, Canada, Mexico or Spain, the solution is simple.

However, if you are in South America, you must first cancel your Amazon Prime membership. Instead, you have to pay for the Amazon Prime Video subscription. When you complete your purchase and are registered, the next thing is to go to the official Twitch Prime page to continue with the resolution process. Choose your country of origin and start signing up for Twitch Prime.

The rest is simple and intuitive, you just have to fill out the form with the precise information they require. If everything goes well, you will go from not being able to activate Twitch Prime in your account to claiming your first loot without wasting time.

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