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Technology made communication possible immediately. These advances allow the approach of many people regardless of how many kilometers are there from each other , being possible to make international calls.

Thanks to the Internet, mobile devices and social networks, communication has been facilitated in a truly incredible way, allowing you to connect with anyone in every corner of the world.

WhatsApp, the favorite of many

Undoubtedly WhatsApp has emerged as the preferred means of communication for many people . The application, launched in February 2009, already has 11 years of service and more than 100 million downloads.

It was born as an application dedicated to messaging, evolving and becoming one of the main means of instant communication, allowing the exchange of content and experiences multimedia between users.

Unlimited communication and entertainment

The most important updates and news of this application, in addition to some privacy functions, are the transmission of messages (introduced in December 2012) and the insertion of statuses and the addition of location sharing (February 2017).

These tools were seen, primarily, as a way to share with your contacts directly and immediately , any situation or information so that they are aware.

WhatsApp chains and challenges

From puzzles, to games for the brain , to general culture , people have empowered chains and states to give their contacts a chance to take a couple of minutes out of their day and exercise the brain and ingenuity .

If you want to offer entertainment and fun to your contacts, this article will give you the opportunity to contemplate a number of ideas to make you the favorite contact of your family and friends.

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Choice and action

One of the challenges you can share with your contacts has to do with emoji lists. Where you can use animals, objects, symbols .

First, the list will only contain emojis, you will ask your contact to choose one and once they do, you'll let them know the challenge their choice holds. This is the list of challenges you can use:

  1. You have to give me a hug.
  2. You have to dedicate a state to me.
  3. Send me audio screaming that you love me.
  4. Anything.
  5. Let's have dinner together (you pay).
  • Let's become friends with rights.
  • Post a photo together.
  • You owe me (insert an amount of money).
  • Tell me: what am I to you?
  • Let's go to the cinema (you pay).
  • Send me a sexy photo.
  • You have to give me a shirt.

Remember that the first list will only contain emojis . Once the contact has made a choice, they move on to the full list of emojis and challenges. Invite your contact to spread the challenge to at least 10 other people.

Genius of the ages

Another rather interesting challenge has to do with the guess the age of your contacts . What is really striking is the way you go: through the measure area of your shoe .

Just as you read it! Sure your friends will think it's a joke, but no. The challenge of guessing someone else's age based on shoe size is done as follows:

  1. Multiply your contact's shoe size by 5.
  2. To the result of that multiplication, you will add 50.
  3. Multiply the result by 20.
  4. You will now add 1020 to it.
  5. Subtract your contact's year of birth from this amount.
  6. The last two digits of the final result should match the age of your contact.
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Find the mistake

There are challenges that seem extremely simple, but become really difficult. Error detection is one of them. With this challenge you will blow the head of more than one friend of yours, ideal to share in a group and in your states . Please read below carefully:

Let's see if you can find the error in the list below, only for extremely smart people:

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten.

It's possible place the list horizontally or vertically. If you understand the mistake, congratulations. And if not, the answer is in the grammatical error of the next word, before the list with numbers.

Now that you know the latest WhatsApp challenges and trends, all that remains is to discover the latest and best secret WhatsApp tricks.

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