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L' Amazon virtual assistant , is gaining momentum and popularity, is known as Amazon Alexa and is the sensation of the moment, which apparently has come to stay. The functions that this expert technology allows, come to remedy difficult situations in people's daily life.

Such widespread elements as forgetting where the mobile phone is left at home, can be remedied with the possibility of finding my mobile phone with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, or by enclosing other preludes such as, for example, transforming Android into a Smart Home with Alexa . The claim is undeniable that it is a tool that has come to stay.

Its versatility extends when the Echo Auto device is emitted , which works via the Alexa app. Adding a voice assistant to the car is extremely important and using Echo Auto, via the Alexa app, is something we need to consider. This is why we have to tackle how to add, install and set up the Echo Auto device to the Alexa app in the car. As well as the different forms of connection and additional services that we can use with this device.

Let's not waste any more time and see how Echo Auto can make our life behind the wheel easier.

How does Amazon's new "Echo Auto" work?

Basically it works the same way as the rest of Amazon Echos, with the exception that has 8 built-in microphones to hear us say "Alexa" after the action we want her to perform for us. This can be connected in different ways to the mobile so that it has an Internet connection.

With the Echo Auto we can change the music, ask for directions, ask questions, make calls, among other things, all by voice commands only . Regardless of external noise, it is able to listen to us to perform its functions in an exceptional way.

It is important to note that for its proper functioning must always be connected to the Internet . It does this through mobile data, so in areas where we run out of network, it will be blocked. However, this is the minority of cases, with more benefits it can offer us.

It is something very simple that we can do in a few minutes. We will just have to download the "Amazon Alexa" application on our mobile and create an account (if you don't have one). Once the session has started, in the "Devices" tab we will click on the icon "Add devices" and then select "Amazon Echo" and then "Echo Car" .

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This way we can set up Echo Auto via the Amazon Alexa app and get started enjoy all its features , which we will talk about later.

Should I use the Echo Auto device in my car?

The firm or irrevocable decision to acquire and use any type of tool, or technological device, it will depend solely on a person's particular taste and criteria.

However, we can address the problem of voice assistants a little bit, which they help us perform functions in the car , while keeping our full attention on vehicle control, as neglecting it can never be an option.

Focus on the road, while driving, is vital, and this is said literally, there can be no room for hesitation when it comes to our safety and integrity. For this reason the Echo Auto device comes in pairing with the Alexa application , and they will perform the role of executors of the functions, which we normally do, but while driving they cannot be performed.

The criterion of using it or not, as mentioned, is up to the individual, but lies in analyzing the situation, where we are presented with a tool that is also inexpensive , and it becomes a safeguard of our own integrity. It's really an important question, so let's get into the details of adding, installing and configuring the device.

How can I set up my Echo Auto device with Alexa?

That the mind is not disturbed when you think about the complexity of the process is really a simple thing, once you know how to do something, materializing it is a thing of the utmost lightness. We will make it as easy as possible so that you can get a proper adding process, Echo Auto installation and configuration , via the Alexa app. But for this we need to have some important preliminary considerations in order to move the process forward.

Considerations for Using Echo Auto via the Alexa App

Since the Echo Auto is an electrical device and the Alexa app is an electronic means of use , there must be a connection that unites them and the car is involved in the connection process. Using Bluetooth can be used to connect Alexa with the Echo Auto, but it deserves a connection that powers it, so it carries a cable that can be plugged into the car.

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The distribution and compatibility between devices and feedback means may vary according to the age of the car, so keep in mind the compatibility that may exist between the car and Echo Auto .

Pairing via Bluetooth

  1. To start, we will have to turn on Bluetooth on our device. You will need to verify that discovery mode is active.
  2. Next, we will enter the Alexa App on our mobile.
  3. Once there, we will select the tab "Devices" .
  4. Then we will click on "Echo" and "Alexa".
  5. At this point we will have to select the device, in this case it would be 'Echo Car' .
  6. Finally, we will select "Bluetooth devices", then "Pair a new device" .

In this way we will connect our mobile with the Echo Auto team and so we will be able to enjoy all it has to offer.

Connect with auxiliary input

  1. In this case, we will have to connect the auxiliary cable to the Echo Auto and to the auxiliary port of our car .
  2. With the car on, we will configure the car radio input in AUX (auxiliary) .
  3. Next, we will activate Bluetooth on our smartphone.
  4. Let's go into the Alexa app.
  5. We will select "Amazon Echo" and then "Echo Car" .

From this moment on we will be able to use the Echo Auto quickly and easily, being able to hear Alexa's voice in the car speakers .

Connection via Wonderboom UE speaker

The process is pretty much the same when connecting the Echo Auto via Bluetooth , however, we will specify the steps to follow:

  1. We will activate the Bluetooth discovery mode on our Wonderboom UE speaker.
  2. On our mobile, we will enter the Amazon Alexa app.
  3. We will go to the "Devices" tab.
  4. We will select "Echo" and "Alexa".
  5. Next we will select the UE Wonderboom device.

This way, we can hear everything Alexa has to tell us through the Wonderboom UE speaker.

Automatic installation of the general echo

We will present it in a simple and straightforward way so that it can be understood, then we will simplify all the steps.

  1. Do you own the Alexa application , which you get by downloading it from the app store.
  2. Authorize all requirements requested by Alexa.
  3. The Echo Auto must be connected to the vehicle, using the tools available, which yes is a USB connection into the car or '12V' power supply using the cable and / or adapter provided by Echo Auto.
  4. You will know the device is ready to connect when you dial an orange light.
  5. Within the Alexa application, referring to the "Devices" space, click "Add".
  6. Within the menu, click "Add Device". Next, click on "Amazon Echo". At this point all that remains is to press on 'Echo Car'.
  7. So you just have to follow the instructions provided by the application. And the process of adding, installing and Echo Auto device configuration the Alexa app is complete.
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Adding more Echo Auto services

One of the benefits of installing Echo Auto from the Alexa app is that can be connected to various services to have a better user experience. Below we will mention the most relevant and used in order to take them into account.

Alexa Calling: call service

With the Echo Auto we can make calls to any number in our address book . This is possible thanks to Alexa Calling. Just have our contact list synchronized to make calls while driving without having to take your hands off the wheel.

This is possible by configuring the synchronization via the Alexa application via our smartphone . It is important to perform this step to make calls while driving.

Google Maps and Waze: Navigation

On the other hand, if we are browsing with our mobile using services such as Google Maps or Waze, we can synchronize it with our Echo Auto. This will allow you to listen to navigation directions through this device .

To configure these services we just have to access the Alexa app, then in Settings we will go to the section "Traffic" and we will select the default navigation application that we want Alexa to use.

Its use is simple, it will be enough ask Alexa for an address and she will show it to us on our mobile in Google Maps o Waze.

Pure Highway: digital receptor

Likewise, it is possible to maintain smart connectivity devices such as the Pure Highway digital receiver. This is possible since Echo Auto recognizes these devices as if they were part of the car , so we can connect the two at the same time.

To achieve this, the our smartphone must be connected to the two devices . This way we can enjoy digital music and broadcast through these two very functional devices.

How to set up Alexa updates on my car

You won't need to set up Alexa updates in your car because these are downloaded automatically on our smartphone when connected to the Internet. And the moment we connect to the Echo Auto, they will be automatically installed via Bluetooth.

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