Error solution: "Disney Plus cannot be heard or cannot be heard" on my TV or Android phone

As we know in these days of quarantine, we are looking for an effective distractor that makes us feel good and naturally comfortable in every way, because no one is a secret that the internet has evolved rapidly and with it, streaming services, so that the entertainment industries they have had the greatest growth worldwide , and make us spend hours in front of a screen enjoying ourselves.

The best thing about them is that they allow us to get the content we want without limits, at the exact moment we want and wherever we are, thus creating that audiovisual content companies get more users.

But none of this would have been possible without the creation of many servers that have been guides for the same and have grown over time, always looking di improvements for their fans.

Within the streaming platforms we can find different options and features, such as Spotify, which has been dedicated to music content since its launch, and also those based on audiovisual content such as HBO, Netflix and of course Disney +, which has been without. doubt one of the most acclaimed by the public since its inception in 2019.

    How does the Disney + streaming platform work?

    These platforms are widely used around the world, since there lets you see our favorite movies and various channels , one of those used is Disney +, within it we can enjoy the multiple contents it has for us, being able to enjoy and download movies and series that Disney offers and of course contains other developers such as the Pixar company, likewise a favorite which is Marvel.

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    It also contains documentaries that encourage learning that they belong to National Geographic , so to enjoy all this, we just have to subscribe to Disney +, with an accessible payment method also available on mobile phones, computers and tablets.

    Why can't I hear Disney Plus on my TV or Android phone? - Possible causes

    How to fix Disney Plus has no sound

    This is something that happens very often to many users of these platforms, it could be due to a compatibility problem or simply an internal application error.

    Therefore, we need to know what to do in case it happens, first of all we need to make sure Disney + is compatible with our TV and also make sure that it has been installed correctly, so that you have the necessary storage space to have it, as it happens that due to lack of space many applications are installed with errors.

    To solve the problem we just have to uninstall and reinstall the application again, both on the mobile phone and on the TV, this is the most effective way to make it felt.

    Another way is to lower the image quality, ie lower it from HD to lower quality , the only downside to doing this would obviously be that we wouldn't have the best picture, but if we could see and hear at Disney +, that's what we want.

    Set sound

    Clear app cache and data

    What devices are not compatible with Disney Plus?

    Android mobile phone

    How can we improve the sound on Disney Plus

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Disney +?

    Among its greatest advantages is that we can see our favorite series and movies of any year from the original Disney Channel, be able to watch from your mobile or PC and, of course, through the platform they can be created favorable types of advertising.

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    It is considered to be the best streaming platform and also the cheapest in terms of money , as the monthly price is considered affordable to many users who want to access the service, similarly creating an account is an easy action so download and Disney + and enjoy.

    Against it, we must have some limitation in what it has content, since Disney + has no original movies or series , only Disney Channel, so it becomes a big drawback that has been a bit criticized by fans of the platform, but nevertheless they have not diminished its use at all.

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