Facebook doesn't work Solution: Why can't I log in or join Facebook?

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The problem of fail to log into Facebook , it is a tirade that seems very common, more than you think. Social networks have become a fundamental tool, especially Facebook, as it has been useful for countless needs.

One of the most common is communicating, as it provides an easy way to exchange words, photos, videos, emoticons, among others. It works too as a tool to promote products , events and other types of social resources. For this reason, absolutely no one escapes access to this network, as it is so complete that it should not be left aside.

Fixed being unable to log into Facebook

The problem of not being able to log into Facebook seems to never end, as many users have reported this problem. This inconvenience can arise from several reasons, for example: being a little careless and forgetting the access data.

The most common thing is forgot your password , for this you can recover yours password in Facebook, so you need to be especially careful. You can also ask about other options to recover the account, as the causes are not the same in all cases.

To be a little more detailed, it is convenient to solve the problem of not being able to log in to Facebook, by explaining the steps in detail. To do this, you need to go to "Facebook", "Forgot Password" option, two alternatives to recover will be displayed the "Facebook" account via "Phone number" or "Email".

You have to choose the option that suits your needs, if you choose the first option, a message will appear saying 'Enter your phone number', you have to write it down and select 'Recover your account', then get the code, a time arrived Give the message to "Continue" , type in your new password, enter it again and that's it, you can use it again.

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How to download Facebook for free on Android phone?

The problem of not being able to log into Facebook only occurs when you forget some essential information to log in, or when an account is "hacked" , for this it is possible to recover a "hacked" account from "Facebook".

On the other hand, to download 'Facebook to an' Android 'phone , you just need to follow a few simple steps. First of all, go to the 'Google Play Store' application and locate the search bar, there you need to write the word 'Facebook', select the green button that says 'Install'.

You need to wait a few minutes, for the download and installation to complete, once the process is complete, a notification will be triggered saying "The application was installed successfully".

Then you have to go to the application menu and open the App to start using it . Once logged into your account, you can start using the features offered by one of the most famous social networks in the world: 'Facebook'.

However, if you want to start using the chat you have to download one, it is advisable to install the transparent 'Facebook Messenger' for 'Android', as it is a very fun and different way to use the chat, from this incredible and unbeatable Network.

How to clear the cache of the Facebook application on Android?

The problem of not being able to log into Facebook seems to be not the only one, as there are other minor inconveniences that arise when using an application. Clearing the "cache" of all "Android" applications is one of the features.

The fact that the applications save "Cache" information , rather than a drawback, it is a feature of the "Android" operating system and any other system. The "Cache" memory is a memory that stores vital information of each application, which the processor must access at a certain time.

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To eliminate the "Cache" left by the "Facebook" and "Facebook Messenger" applications, you need to go to "Settings", locate the "Apps" in question, select them, locate the "Storage" area and press the part where you find says "Clear data", Clear "Cache" memory and voila , this is a way to decongest the phone memory.

Applications always save this type of data on 'Android' smartphones, it is something that users cannot avoid in any way, but what they can avoid is that they become congested, so occasionally the data of these.

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