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The problem with this type of program or web application is that we all imagine different things. Videos require a lot of imagination and the montage is what can make this magic possible.

That is why we will recommend you a large number of web applications and the strange program worth downloading so that you can create and edit online videos efficiently, quickly and professionally.

The best free online video editors

OpenShot: here it is a editor open source therefore completely free. It's pretty simple in general terms, so don't expect a huge number of tools like the alternatives you'll see in this list. However, it is very useful for making simple changes.

Lightworks - it's a online video editor which has a huge number of free features. Although it has a paid version, the only limitation is that you won't be able to export videos in 4K and UHD formats. So for most people this online editor is more than enough and most of all it is very powerful.

Powtoon: for those who do not intend to download any type of program then Powtoon is a fairly effective and resourceful solution. However, the free version has its limitations: videos cannot be longer than five minutes and cannot exceed 100MB. However, it is still a good alternative to consider.

AVS: Even if it's not online, we're adding it for yours huge resemblance to Windows Movie Maker since this program (rest in peace) was too simple to make simple changes, but most of all fast. It has basic tools like split, cut, combine, effects, audio, subtitles, etc. So it's ideal for simple but urgent changes.

Free online video creator and editor

Filmora: another one from the list you need to download. However, it is a remarkably complete program with many options that allow you to get professional results if you know how to use them such as adding text to video. The free version has no limitations, the only bad thing is that it adds a watermark to the video.

Rocketium: the good thing about this online application is that you don't need a lot of editing knowledge to use it. It is a fairly intuitive tool that guides you at all times to be able to make the changes you want. The free version allows you to make 10 videos per month. So for those who don't make too many videos it's a very cool option.

Kdenlive - an excellent video editor completely free. It has versions for Linux, Windows and Mac. The possibilities with this editor are limitless and your imagination is the only limitation you might have. It has several professional tools that will allow you to have amazing videos without too much knowledge. Although it has an extensive manual for those who want to learn how to use it.

Avidemuz: for those Linux users this name isn't exactly new. It's a open source program therefore it is totally free and it is multi-platform. It's too simple to use as it has basic options, but it can definitely get you out of trouble.

Blender: finally we close with a classic from the Linux community. The known 3D animation software also offers us the ability to edit videos. It has basic and other rather complex functions that without experience can be a headache.

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