GeoFS: an accessible flight simulator to play online

A part of the gamer world has surrendered to Flight Simulator 2020, and from what we've seen so far, this action seems justified. However, this isn't the only option when it comes to flying. If you are looking for something more humble in terms of hardware requirements, free and with frequent updates, you should try GeoFS , which works directly on the browser.

Fans of the Flight Simulator welcomed the 2020 edition with open arms and those who had never played one of its titles found this new release a great starting point to start. Beyond the details on requirements, framerates and mass downloads, the truth is that there is a lot of excitement and Microsoft has already confirmed several updates in the future.

The downside is that that $ 60 / $ 70 is a very hard pill for many users to swallow right now, but the good news is that there are other flight simulators out there, completely free and more tolerant in terms of specs. One of these is GeoFS , which has the added benefit of working on the browser. That's right: you don't need to download clients or modules. One click on the button Vola , choose the plane and the sky is the limit.

Officially, GeoFS offers a total of 24 vehicles to fly, ranging from a hot air balloon and Cessna 172 to the classic Concorde and an F-16 fighter. There are also other models that have been provided by the gamer community, such as the Boeing 747 (in retirement) and the Airbus A330.

You can create flight maps

But before trying bigger airplanes, I recommend that you practice and adapt to the controls. Mouse usage is quite erratic and I got better results with the keyboard after reducing its sensitivity. Another aspect that definitely doesn't help is the camera. Personally, I think they are all bad and I ended up flying most of my flights from the cabin position. Finally, don't expect overly elaborate physics in GeoFS. It's realistic enough to fly, but some planes bounce like balloons when they hit the ground.

I really liked this camera. The rest gave me problems ...
"Stall"? But I'm on the ground ...

GeoFS is free if you decide to fly in a standard definition world, otherwise you will have to create an account and enter a subscription of 10 euros per year. The difference in quality is huge and if despite its limitations you are passionate about GeoFS, it might be worth paying that commission.

Official Website: click here

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