Google Drive will not sync the Windows 10 solution

Google is one of the giants in the world of technology. This company offers us not only multifunctional tools, but also works daily to provide its users with the best programs and applications for work or daily life.

A great way to exemplify this is how widely used Google Drive Backup and its sync system has become.

This option helps us to store more files from our mobile phone, to any PC o Mac device Thanks to its functionality, we can have easy access to our files, no matter where we are and safely.

All the contents that we have stored in your cloud, we can summarize them in a simple way, with a backup of the files that will always be shared within Google Drive.

It is possible that on some occasions you find several errors during the synchronization. Manual or automatic, there may be errors that frustrate its use, but nevertheless it is not something that difficult to fix, and here we will explain in detail what is the best solution for these problems, so don't wait any longer and create an account in Google Drive so that you can start this process.

    Re-enable Google Drive syncing

    This is one of the first options you can take, as it is quite effective if the problem it turns out to be superficial . This step is to stop and reactivate the synchronization task. This is because if there is any kind of connection problem, it will be easily fixed. To do this you need to do the following:

      If you followed these steps, you will see that all your documents will start syncing properly and the error will be gone.

      Back up and sync as the primary administrator.

      On multiple occasions, folder sync problems occur within Google Drive because the same phone has not fully granted all the permissions required by the system. If with the previous steps, the error continues to appear within the synchronization, this is an ideal step to exclude this error, caused by the system of our mobile.

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      To fix it, you just need to locate us inside the application and access its main settings. There we will see a list of options and tabs where we need to locate on what it says: Run as administrator. And voila, it will be enough to restart the phone , to check if this has taken effect and the error has disappeared.

      Restart the app

      This is an option you can take as a last resort. It is possible that the error occurs due to an internet connection problem and has been misconfigured. The best way to fix this error is to restart the Backup application and re-enable synchronization.

      To do this, we just have to press the icon Synchronize and going to the main menu, select " Exit backup and sync Once this is done, all that remains is to exit the panel, return to the start menu and then access it again from there.

      With these steps, all those synchronization problems are fixed or, failing that, completely eliminated. You will see that this can happen a couple of times, but it is usually not an internal problem, but rather an error at the level of connection .

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