Google Meet and Hangouts Which of the two apps is better?

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Messaging apps have been a great way to communicate. Thanks to them we can interact in real time and instantly with other people.

This has completely changed our world, it has allowed us to grow as a society because communications are done in a much simpler way. We currently have many instant messaging applications .

These applications can be found available for multiple platforms and operating systems. That provide us with tools that make things easier for us, such as the ability to send and receive files.

Google Meet vs Hangouts Which of the Two is Better?

Another tool that is very striking is the possibility of carrying out video calls where we can talk and see the people we communicate with. There are applications that allow you to do this type of call in a group .

This is very interesting, as we have the option not to talk to one, but to many people at the same time via video call. Depending on the application we use, the number of members allowed to make these calls varies.

In this way, it is very important to know how to choose the instant messaging application that best suits our needs. Currently there are many companies that have dedicated themselves to the development of applications of this type, one of them is Google.

This company has been developing this type of applications for years, has perfected them over time and currently presents us with some very interesting applications. On the other hand, being in constant development Google released several apps at the same time .

This while very interesting is a disadvantage, in general the users of these programs tend to be a bit confused. This occurs because it is not clearly known what each of them offer.

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Recently, Google launched two messaging apps Google Meet e Google Hangouts . These applications have caused a stir among consumers, due to the fact that some concerns are raised about what each of them actually offers.

For this reason it was decided to prepare this article, where the different qualities and tools they offer will be compared. Then a decision will be made, which of the two performs its functions better and which one is better.

Google Hangouts

It is an application created by Google in 2013, born from the merger of other Google messaging applications. Currently works docked with Gmail , to carry out video calls performs its functions very well.

Among the most relevant features we find that it is available in a way Free subscription , we can find it as a web service and as a mobile app. Video calls are possible with a maximum limit of 10 participants.

We can send text messages only in web version , in the mobile application version we cannot send messages. In the web version, the maximum limit for group chats is 150 members.

Google Meet

It is essential to know what Google Meet is and how it works. This application was born as such in 2017, among the main features it offers we find that of carrying out video calls from the web version . Like Google Hangouts, it can be launched from our Gmail account.

Since its launch it was a paid application, which we could enjoy from the web version and the mobile application. But recently Google released one version that you can use for free and get the most out of Google Meet.

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This version is limited , it is possible to make video calls but with a maximum of 60 minutes, this restriction is expected to be removed shortly. You can only send text messages during video calls.

Which is better Google Hangouts or Google Meet?

Based on the characteristics specified on the two applications, the decision was made that Google Hangouts is better . As it is a much more complete application and offers more advanced features such as the ability to use the messaging service.

However, this depends on the person and the needs of the consumer. Although generally the majority of the population that uses these two apps opt for Google Hangouts, due to the features it offers.

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