How and when does Mercado Libre give me my money back? What do I have to do to get my money back?

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In purchases and sales made through Mercado Libre, the percentage of customers dissatisfied with the transaction is very low, and therefore it can be said that there are almost never refunds of money on these platforms with this type of activity.

However, this happens sporadically and the customer requests a refund when they can explaining his reasons that, depending on how fair they are under the legal criteria, the money spent will be returned. This type of return will be briefly explained in this article.

How and when does Mercado Libre get my money back? What should I do to get my money back?

What is a refund in Mercado Libre and when does it occur?

Returns in a particular business occur when one or both parties DON'T è satisfied with the transaction commercial that has been carried out and, therefore, the money spent on the purchase of a purchased product must be returned through an agreement.

In the world of Free market , returns, although not as frequent, do occur from time to time and you must be aware of the methods or ways to get the money back.

Mercado Libre is responsible for returns when the payment method used for the transaction falls within its jurisdiction. That is, if a purchase has been made through the Mercado Pago e money must be returned to the customer , this will be the responsibility of the company.

When the payment method has been made through an agreement reached between the seller and the buyer, through a means external to Mercado Libre, it will only have the power to receive and review the complaint in order to request a refund.

Bad luck if this happens with your first sale in Mercado Libre, because because of the sorry or your buyer's dissatisfaction, you can get a negative rating as a seller.

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What do I need to do to get my refund money back in Mercado Libre?

To opt for a return at Mercado Libre, some requirements must be met. It is not possible to get your money back for a purchase you made of a product you owe of company policies , may not get a refund.

However, if your purchase is for a product that has a return, you have the full right to file a complaint for the reason you will need to explain. Normally these reasons are accepted when it comes to dissatisfaction with the product or is different from what is required.

To buy in Mercado Libre, you have to do a study of the entire market and read them well specifications; in this way the risk of getting a wrong product or a different one from what it seemed, will be minimal.

The fact of dissatisfaction with the product is valid as a reason for return, and the company will take this into account in the request for reimbursement . But all this has its conditions.

You will have the right to return the product if it was incomplete or did not work when you received it. The return will be accepted when this is proven and, in addition, you will have to submit the complaint within a period of 30 days from delivery of the product.

How and when does Mercado Libre return my money?

In addition to large international retail chains, such as Walmart and its return policies, Mercado Libre also has such policies as well as a set time to make the return.

Return policies are very important and they come apply immediately when a complaint arises. If the reasons for the claim are not included in these policies, there will be nothing for them to do and the buyer will remain as it was prior to the claim.

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Once the return or refund is approved, according to the reasons described by the customer, Mercado Libre will choose to provide a solution as soon as possible.

Generally, to make a return are necessary from 2 to 3 days , at the end of which the customer will be notified of the refund.

There is also a made immediate , which takes place precisely when the buyer and the applicant deliver the product to the offices of Mercado Libre.

It should be noted that the money will be returned through the same payment method used for the purchase. You can check these periods on the web via payment.

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