How and where can I see subscribers to my Twitch account or channel?

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In today's article, we'll talk about How and where can I see subscribers to my Twitch account or channel? To continue with this article, is it wise to know what Twitch is? Founded in 2011, Twitch is one of the leading streaming platforms today . The main theme on Twitch can be defined in the video game broadcast, although it has other types of content within this platform.

Its reach is quite high, as it has a large activity among users with around 17 million views per day , either by a person with a user or by a visit to their platform. As time goes by, Twitch has more content creators among its users, who prefer Twitch services in terms of broadcast quality, speed, and interface.

Most of these content creators did it for YouTube, but using Twitch and with its popularity they made the step of being on Twitch only or both platforms. Its explosion among content creators it happened recently, still being an unknown interface for other consumers.

It is because of this confusion that today we will see how to view subscribers to a Twitch channel, both personal and third-party, and finally some tips that will help us grow faster and more organically on this platform. .

How and where can I see subscribers to my Twitch channel?

As mentioned above, being a recent platform, we have some difficulties and unknown spaces within it , unlike YouTube, where most of the Internet knows where the different spaces of the platform are located.

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First of all, as a Twitch channel owner we should go to the top right corner, which is next to our user photo. We will soon have a number of analyzes including subscribers to our Twitch channel will be shown .

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in this space, we must also do an analysis of the other statistics that we can observe . Some of these analyzes are the number of new followers to see our recent growth, the income that has been generated by twitch, giving us an idea of ​​how much we will have to transfer through Paypal or another common payment method in streamers.

What strategies can I apply to increase followers

After seeing how we can see the subscribers that our Twitch channel has, we need to set a personal goal, for the next time we review, so as to see if there has really been an increase or we are in a season where we are stuck with the subscribers.

Every content creator has ups and downs, however, we will try to reduce these ups and downs with some tips and strategies, with which we can increase our followers. In addition to increasing subscribers, each of these strategies has the goal that everything happens organically, have subscribers willing to form a community around our streams , also follow us on other networks such as Instagram, etc.

Plan your travels in advance

First of all, we must be well organized with our content, establishing the best dates and times in which to stream in a calendar, improving the success of visits by announcing the time in which we start the live through our Social Networks. Part of this planning is stay consistent with what we are doing .

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Build your ideal audience

Not all content is for everyone, therefore we can't expect everyone to watch our stream . However, we need to define our ideal audience by seeing who would like what my stream does. Create marketing and content strategies for this group of people who will be loyal to our content.

Stay constant

It seems that in most occasions consistency is the only talent a person has, thanks to the fact that with this he progresses even if it is little, but he never stops. We need to apply this to our channel, maintaining good production for each stream , so that when the time comes, you can find us working.

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