How and where to pay securely in Mercado Libre by card, Paypal or cash

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Among all the forms of payment there are always some more common than others not only in the free market but in other virtual shops, it consists in entering the site and seeing the products if there are any to your liking or need enter al your most accessible payment method .

It is always important that the website from you are buying is very reliable and that it verifies well the data of the account to which it will be transferred with the data of the person in the virtual shop.

How and where to pay securely in Mercado Libre by card, PayPal or cash

The advantages of these buying and selling websites is that there are many payment methods as well flexibility when paying . Because you can pay on credit and we cannot forget that from your home you can make these payments quickly, easily and very comfortably.

Another way activities have been started virtually is through social networks like Instagram and virtual shops on Facebook, in this article we will show you how to pay with different payment methods in the open market.

What is the PayPal payment platform?

If you need to mobilize the so-called electronic money, because the PayPal application is one of the frequent methods and this is its goal, through the internet to make payments and transfer funds. Through the internet you can send and receive money via PayPal.

There are many platforms with similar goals, but of them all, PayPal was the most outstanding. So through it you can mobilize money electronically and it is one of the payment methods that Mercado Libre has within its platform, later we will provide you in detail how the payment is made by this means.

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Another advantage that PayPal has is that opening an account is not difficult, you just have to follow the necessary steps, it is a useful platform tool even when you want to save. This system is safe but there is a way to verify your PayPal account in order to have even more safety and reliability .

How to pay securely in the open market by card, PayPal or cash

The first thing is to know that Mercado libre has an official payment method which is "mercado pago". After knowing this, we need to know which product we want to buy which match the photos with the description of the publication.

When you see the price of the product which depends on where you live, it will be higher or lower, they give you an important date to highlight that that time is an estimate , because it can take a day or two to arrive.

After you intend to buy a certain product, you click on add to cart, then to buy everything you proceed to add your full address where you want to have the product and it will appear if you want to go to do the pickup or you want one standard o shipment expressed.

If so, they will give you payment options and this is where you choose the medium you want, credit card, debit card, payment market, cash or electronic transfer. If the case is to pay with a card, they will ask you for your information about it and then with the method you want, then the total of the product will come out for confirm your purchase . This way your purchase will already be made.

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Tips for buying on the open market

Always reliable as a virtual market can become, we must pay attention to several details, one of them is to carefully review the Description of produced for see that this is really what you want and if the photo agrees with its description.

Whenever we buy something, check that it has a guarantee because if in this case your product is not new when you receive it or it arrives defective, you must proceed to exchange it, so always check your warranty.

There is a recommendation that is more important to have a successful purchase on the free market platform, always check the qualifications of the person you are about to buy from. That is, how many products you have sold, the amount in general and whether or not other customers recommend proceeding with their purchase, the positive ratings are relevant.

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