How are phones for the blind or the blind?

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Today the use of the mobile phone has become a very necessary commodity at the time of communication, because making calls or messages from it, it is possible to communicate much faster with our loved ones or acquaintances.

But what about the blind? These blind or visually impaired people have for years found themselves very limited in the use of these devices, as it is almost completely impossible to operate them.

As good news, here in watch how it's done we would like to inform you that currently there are cell phones for Blind , so that in this way they can also be communicated at all times, just like all of us.

    How cell phones work for the blind

    These devices are enabled with functions that allow interaction between the blind and the telephone itself . Well, not all phone models designed for the blind work the same way. This is because its manufacturers approach needs differently, but nevertheless it always achieves the same goal, a phone whose need to see is exempted.

    Some manufacturers they limit these devices to their basic functions. That is, call and send messages. These phones usually have a screen where the letters, numbers and symbols are quite large; as well as having a color screen that facilitates reading.

    Likewise, these phones have the Braille reading system integrated into each of their keys. In this way, a visually impaired person can perform functions such as writing messages, dialing numbers, answering calls, among others.

    Another very important feature is screen reading . Well, these devices can also read your text messages, contact names, tell the time, even tell who is calling you.

    Finally, some models of phones for the blind have a special button to call the emergency services . This is very useful when any kind of critical situation arises.

    Mobile functions for the blind

    As time went by, the phones got updated when Apple launched in 2009 with a screen reader called VoiceOver, Google did the same with TalkBack on Android.

    These features are intended for people with visual impairments or even for the blind, allowing them to easily access phones and therefore to be able to carry out their activities independently, whether it is sending text messages, making calls, managing their bank accounts, making purchases and among others what's this.

    Samsung mobile phones for the blind or blind

    Currently most of the Samsung phones do you allows it to be used by blind people or people with vision problems this with the TalkBack function, but Samsung has released a phone specially developed for people with this disability this phone is the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance which has focused functions for people with eyestrain or even blindness.

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    This Samsung includes more keys and a coated back cover which makes it easy to use and also has several functions that tell the user by voice what functions are being used, as well as an optical scanner that automatically recognizes text from a photograph and reads aloud to the user, be it a book, a bill, a letter, among other things.

    How blind people can handle cell phones

    Blind people can manage their Android or iPhone mobile phone in the following way:

    In the case of Android, must activate the TalkBack function designed for them, this feature offers voice comments and notifications.

    activate TalkBack on Android it can be done in several ways:

    The first way is to press both volume keys to both toggle on and off

      One suggestion is that TalkBack read by default i password characters, which you can change so that the device does not read protected field characters aloud unless you have headphones.

      The second way to activate TalkBack is use the Google assistant to do this, you just have to say in a clear voice

        And finally, the recommended way to activate TalkBack it is with the device settings. If you have vision problems or are just helping a blind person, you can navigate through the settings to enable or disable TalkBack.

          In case you have an iPhone mobile phone we have the VoiceOver function that is a screen reader which is based on gestures that allows you to use your iPhone even when you don't see the screen.

          VoiceOver provides you audible descriptions of what is on the touch screen, which you you deal with the battery level of who is calling you and also which application is active on the screen.

          When you press the screen or drag your finger across it, the VoiceOver feature tells you the name of what you are touching, both icons and text. VoiceOver it also tells you when the screen brightness is on or when it is locked and tells you when the phone screen is horizontal or vertical.

          turn VoiceOver on or off there are several methods among which we have

            Note that in addition to these TalkBack functions for Android or VoiceOver for iPhone, there are also applications that allow blind people to carry out their activities on a mobile device, of which yes will speak later.

            Are there mobile phones intended for use by blind people?

            Today there are several companies that have been entrusted with the task of bringing to light these devices, which adapt to the needs of people with visual impairment , but they are not specifically intended for the blind.

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            However, it is known that developing a phone requires a large investment for business. That is why the phones that are produced they are focused on a wider audience . This leaves the blind with very few options.

            The solution to this are applications that have gradually been integrated into the market. These promote the use of mobile phones in blind people . For this, they offer tools that facilitate reading the device, reading the environment, introducing instructions and using other applications.

            In this way i blind people can use these phones even if they weren't created specifically for them. Facilitate access to technology for these people.

            On the other hand, among the brands of companies that have risked bringing out mobile phones of these characteristics, we have as an example Blind shell.

            What is Blind Shell?

            These phones have been designed following the guidelines dictated by organizations for the blind and visually impaired "CHILDREN", to cover the needs of these people as much as possible.

            These mobile devices are integrated with special buttons for these people , as well as a voice recognition system, which will allow them to dial phone numbers, send messages and even write e-mails.

            One of its most important features is the SOS button which is integrated, since from it it will be possible to call a friend in case of emergency , as this number will be registered, exclusively for those cases.

            Basic functions of Blind Shell

            This mobile has light characteristics, so you can make calls , send messages, know what day it is from the calendar integrated. It also has a radio that works through the use of the Internet and audio players, as well as custom ringtones to identify each user.

            Other basic functions it stands out for are speed dialing, which is a kind of shortcut or direct access to a contact, and the use of being able to program multiple alarms that indicate a specific event.

            Its advanced features include the use of voice commands to be able to use text messages and e-mails, reading labels of ideal items when you go to the supermarket, emergency button and colored indicator.

            It also has features for weather forecasts thanks to which you can know what the weather is like before leaving home and the company is committed to making constant updates to improve the functions and even the lives of these people.

            How to buy from Blind Shell?

            It's very simple, you just have to go to your favorite browser and type in the search bar " blind shell ". Then enter the first option that appears and once inside go to the" e-shop "located in the upper right part of the orange screen.

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            Once clicked on the button, you will be directed to the store , where you will have to select the device you want, the language and the color you prefer. All you have to do is enter the payment method and that's it.

            Are there other alternatives for the blind?

            Yes, of course, there are a wide variety of applications that can be downloaded to mobile devices, be they Android or iOS operating systems . These apps are meant to make these people's daily life easier and more bearable.

            Among these they have applications to locate us in our GPS, to be able to read our screen and messages, also applications intended to make video calls at the moment while you walk so that other sighted users can guide you without any problem.

            Of course, the applications are endless and with different specific reasons, which is why you just have to search your store for applications of this type. It is expected that there will be for the next few years devices designed exclusively for people which make their use really comfortable.

            Applications for the blind or visually impaired

            There are various applications for the blind or visually impaired for both Android and iPhone, in the case of Android we have:

            BrailleBack: is an application of the Android service for the benefit of people with visual impairments using the Braille device (bright lines, Brailler printers, Brailler keyboards).

            Works in conjunction with the TalkBack application. This application allows you to connect with a Braille display upgradeable compatible with the device via bluetooth.

            Voice access: Use voice recognition on the device, which can make life more comfortable for millions of people. This Google service is designed for those people with diseases that prevent the manipulation of a touch screen or who have permanent or temporary physical limitations to manage their mobile devices simply by using their voice.

            It is a fantastic and real sailing experience, in that has many actions like browsing applications, writing and editing texts, interacting with the search engine assistant, etc.

            Be my eyes: it was created to help people with visual impairments. The power of technology and human connection are combined for bring sight to people with low vision through video chat . It's free, easy to use, and it's in Spanish. Be my eyes translated into Spanish "Be my eyes" was born thanks to the Danish philosopher and craftsman Hans Jorgen Wiberg who suffers from vision problems and is aware of the difficulties these people can encounter on a daily basis.

            This app connects you to a global network of volunteers visually impaired who are willing and ready to help you at any time.

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