How can I activate and use WhatsApp notifications on iPhone

How to activate WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone's lock screen

There are various ways and uses that you can provide to your notifications, which adapt to each privacy profile a you want to give your information, among the most important we will mention the following.

Show preview

This setting is the default, which is based on displaying the message and its sender on the locked screen of Your iPhone. But if this option becomes active by default then you need to do the following steps.

  • Download WhatsApp Messenger from the App Store.
  • First of all, enter your settings of WhatsApp.
  • Then select the notifications icon.
  • Once inside this section, activate or "light" the different subsections.
  • Now go to your iPhone settings.
  • Select the gear icon.
  • Find and select the notification icon.
  • Enter the WhatsApp item and select the option always in the menu show previews.

It only shows the sender's name and not the message

This setting allows you to show the sender's name on yours iPhone, but not the message. Next, we will explain the steps to take to activate this type of notifications.

  • Enter your WhatsApp account settings on your iPhone.
  • Then select the notifications option.
  • At this point find and select the previews option.
  • Finally, you will have to select the option » May" o "If it is blocked".

It should be noted that you have to do the same within the iOS operating system configuration of your mobile. Also, keep in mind that the option will never prevent you from always previewing the message, even if the screen is unlocked when it recognizes your face.

Whereas, the option " if it is blocked " it will not show the message on the lock screen but on the strips, when using the phone.

Showing only the notification alert

To activate this notification mode on your iPhone, you will simply have to turn off the preview in option WhatsApp. After performing this action, you will simply be shown the new message notification without showing you anything about the message or sender.

Keep in mind that, the only difference that exists between the configuration of WhatsApp and from iOS is that if you have disabled the preview of WhatsApp but not on iOS, the message will appear on the screen indicating only one notifies.

Importance of notifications

Incredible technological advances have contributed to the development of smartphone increasingly intuitive that are integrated with software to offer you a unique user experience. This leads to an inevitable protagonist, notifications, which are increasingly part of our daily life.

In Apple's case, its iOS allows you to efficiently manage each of the WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone. However, as mentioned above, there are several ways to customize notifications to suit your preferences.

In conclusion, learn about the various ways you can use notifications of WhatsApp will allow you to organize your work, making it more efficient in your daily activities. This implies that you can distribute your time efficiently in the face of any eventuality or simply be aware of it.

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