How can I activate the super powers on Badoo to have more chances to flirt

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As we are informed, social networks or platforms have had a macro evolution over time, more innovative applications are created every day and the multitude of audience they get from their launch , this is a true global influence.

They allow us to communicate and interact immediately, with just one click we can do thousands of things in the various network applications, improving each time with new updates in order to meet the needs and take into account the opinions and criticisms of many fanatic users.

Then we cannot leave out the Badoo problem, which has generated a total stir in society by becoming one of the best apps to communicate with people around us and abroad.

Likewise, it is one of the most popular dating apps today. So today we want to show you how I can activate the superpowers in Badoo to have more chances to flirt.

    What is Badoo and what is its goal?

    As many of us know, Badoo is a social platform which was launched in the technological world in 2006, since there it did not have a decline in terms of audience, on the contrary, it generated great expectations in users.

    It allows us to meet new people through the Internet, its goal is the topic of online dating and the best thing is that it is totally free, so it would be easier for us to use it, with the option to make video calls and also messages to contacts that we can add.

    If yours is flirting online and interacting with people from all over the world, this is your chance, you just have to create an account on Badoo, and check out everything it offers, has a main menu full of features and obviously without stopping apart from the problem of aesthetics, always thinking about the user.

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    What are the superpowers on Badoo for and how to use them?

    In Badoo, the superpowers are a series of additional functions , which serve to give you more possibilities to contact other people within the platform in order to be more visible to other users. Find people with a specific interest and other extremely useful features which we will talk about later.

    To activate Super Powers on Badoo, the first thing you need to do is log in using the email and password you used to create your account. You can also use your Facebook account if you used it to create your profile.

    Once inside your profile, what you should do is find a symbol with an "S" located at the top of the left side menu. After clicking on that symbol, you will be redirected to a new page where you will see the button indicating that by pressing it you will be able to activate the Superpowers.

    Once all this is done, the platform will show you the different payment methods and a brief summary of the benefits you will get by purchasing one of their plans.

    What are the benefits of having superpowers and how can I flirt more?

    If at some point we want to make our trip on Badoo e easier we want to find a fast partner , then we need to know how to do it.

    These superpowers need us at some point to make our messages read first, when sending a message to the other user, it will come immediately positioned as first place and among many other things this is how it is done:

    We must log in to Badoo, if we do not have an account, we can create an account, on our computer or mobile, press the '' menu '' and select the '' account '' option, we must click on '' delete account '' , but it's nothing to worry about, it is just a trick that works.

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    Then, Badoo will ask us some questions related to the account, something like whether we're sure we want to delete it, and basically will l' "superpowers gift" option, this would be like for us to change our mind and not delete our account.

    We press there and go back to the menu, we will immediately have our superpowers as quickly as possible, it is a fairly simple and very efficient trick, in order to obtain an unmatched experience when using Badoo.

    Can you have superpowers on Badoo for free?

    Yes, having super powers in Badoo is possible and of below we will show you the strategy easier to get them.

    • Enter your profile Badoo via the APP or on its website.
    • Select the option "Account" from the menu on the left.
    • click on Delete account .
    • The system will ask you several questions to make sure you really want to delete your account, answer that if you want to do so until you receive a final notice like the following:

    This is where Badoo will offer you to change your mind and offer you for the next 3 days, Free Superpowers, click the button that says: " Get Free Superpowers "and these you can use within the platform and are fully functional to see who is interested in meeting you, who has visited your profile and all without spending any money.

    How do you know who likes you on Badoo without superpowers?

    If you don't have superpowers available within the platform , you can use a little strategy to find out who might have a promising interest in you. Just follow the steps below:

    • Once inside your profile, look at the " I like it "in the left menu of the platform. These people in this section are the ones who answered" Yes "to the" Dating "game on Badoo.
    • Once entered in "Like" you will see people's profile photos who have valued you with a heart for which they have a clear interest in knowing you. These photos will be in mosaic mode and will be difficult to read.
    • When you see these photos, you have to go back to the menu on the left and enter the section: " Game of Encounters ", at this point the photos of people interested in you will also appear. Here you have to pay close attention to the matches between the profile photos that have visited your account and those that have entered the dating game.
    • When you find this match, we can say that you have already identified people who have expressed their interest in you.
    • Normally the system tells you if this person is online then you can send her a contact request and explore more about that person's interests.
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    Other totally free features offered by Badoo

    There are several functions that we may not know of the application, so here we explain them, one of them is "clones" is based on facial recognition and is one of the latest application options , it is very easy to use, we just have to scan our face for a few minutes and eventually Badoo will export an image with the celebrity that we have the most similarities with.

    The prestigious "dating game" is undoubtedly a fan favorite tool, it has been very positively acclaimed and allows us to organize our meetings with other users in a totally safe way, for this we must have an aesthetic and attractive profile in the eyes of others.

    If you were new to these features, start using them now! Always remembering to make good use of the app and all the networks we participate in, for to live fully the technological world and its communication platforms.

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