How can I add a family member to my Spotify?

By this we refer to platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix which have proved to be much cheaper alternatives to cable television.

In fact, when it comes to streaming services, it is impossible to get around the Spotify platform. Although we already have platforms like YouTube where we can enjoy all kinds of music totally free, there has never been a platform through which music could be heard as reliably as with Spotify.

Through this service you can have a totally free account and access tons of songs while you work or carry out any other activity. You can create all kinds of playlists and access other people's playlists.

This can be very good as you can see all the content a person can put together for a specific occasion. It is also a good platform for find new music.

Whatever Spotify uses, there is no doubt that it is a stable platform, allowing you to listen to your music without having to pay hundreds of dollars on all those albums you love and iTunes. But it's probably best to pay for one of the many plans Spotify has for you.

Many of these continue to extend the experience of this service to a greater extent and it becomes very productive. For this reason, and in case you want to share your account, then we will talk a little about the family plan.

Spotify's Premium Family Plan

It's common for multiple people to link multiple devices to the same streaming account, be it Netflix or Hulu. This is something that also applies to Spotify, since you will probably want to use it in several cases. However, this Spotify feature is also used for other reasons: the fact that you can share the account.

Many find themselves buying an account on a streaming service so they can share it with other people. It's a pretty neat thing to do and there aren't too many restrictions on it. That's why there is the Premium Family Plan its Spotify.

Because, although there are several plans in Spotify, it is possible to contract this plan in your Spotify subscription to be able to share your account with other people and you can have total control of who uses it and who doesn't. However, this also involves the responsibility that the account holder must pay the subscription religiously.

How can I add someone to my Spotify Premium Family Plan?

Once you have chosen to start or start paying for the Premium Family Plan on Spotify, you can start giving vacancies to people you know. All you need to do is the following:

  • You should start by opening your Spotify account in the app or website.
  • Then go to your profile or your account itself.
  • Once here, you need to enter the menu and enter where it says Premium Family Plan.
  • Then, select one of the many vacancies the plan has.
  • Now you need to send the floor invitation. For this you have to enter the account e - email of the person you want to invite.
  • When this person joins your Spotify plan, the platform will notify you immediately.
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