How can I add a person on WhatsApp using a QR code?

WhatsApp has developed an immense amount of options and new tools to enhance the application user experience. Over the years, new settings and features have been installed in the application that make it easier for the user while in use.

One of them is the use of digital and video calls, as well as voice memos. Tools that a few years ago did not exist through the common text message, it is important to know that you have new functions such as the QR code, here we will explain how we use it and what is its function.

    What is a QR code?

    Like the bar code, are basically methods of storing information through abstract lines or figures that mean something to a system, the QR code performs the same function. Only in a globalized form and can be said to meet the same characteristics as the bar code.

    With the tool that stores information in a matrix with a set of points can be defined as a two-dimensional bar code. It works as follows, there are special QR code readers that end up decoding the information contained in the code. This is done through a mobile device.

    By adapting to the current modernity and the development of new technologies, WhatsApp has managed to scale in the use of new tools that marry perfectly with the current smartphones, as it has occurred in physical stores or products, even food lines, have implemented the use of QR Code to facilitate the arrival of information to a user through their cell phone. In this way it is possible to have information such as places, contacts or links to pages through a digital code.

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    WhatsApp has applied this to its new interface to save the user, from having to ask for the number or share it, simply by scanning the code WhatsApp gets a contact automatically added to your contact list. This code also extends to other WhatsApp functions, such as WhatsApp Web, when used in the browser, where it is also accessed via QR Code.

    To find your contact's QR code on WhatsApp, you simply log into the application from your mobile device and go to the settings section by clicking on the Three Dots icon in the upper right corner.

    Then in the section where your name and user photo appears on the right side you will see a QR icon. Click on it to find out what your QR code is.

    With the QR code feature you can add new contacts on WhatsApp without having to type their phone number or create a contact. In case you don't know how, below we will show you a series of steps to add contacts using WhatsApp QR code:

    • Open WhatsApp on your mobile device and go to three vertical dots which are located in the upper right corner of the screen and go to the settings where you will find your account information and your profile picture as such.
    • Next to your photo you will find a mini QR code which is a square divided into four others, press it and the information will open.
    • This information is divided in two you will see your QR code and on the right side the code scanner . Select your scanner.
    • As you can see, your back camera turns on and tries to scan a code. This code is the one you will ask the other person to show you to scan.
    • Once scanned, you will have added the person whose code was scanned automatically.
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    In this way, adding a person with the QR code is quite simple and even shorter and simpler than adding someone manually and in an old-fashioned way using the contact list of the cell phone.

    This code and the scanner reappear in other functions such as web WhatsApp, where if you press the WhatsApp Web option, you can see that the WhatsApp scanner and the rear camera of your mobile device are reopened.

    To scan the WhatsApp Web QR code in your browser. And in this way use it on your desktop PC or laptop connected to your mobile database.

    It should be noted that the QR code can possibly be the most useful tool for the elderly or visually impaired people, who have difficulty writing or annotating information within the interface or simply lead a very hectic life where those minutes of adding someone can be very valuable and need to get something out faster and more efficiently.

    The QR code is not just limited to cell phones or digital information as we can now see them as advertisements on the city street that contain these codes.

    To share your QR code for someone else to add you to their device's contact list, you will need to log into the WhatsApp application and locate yourself in the settings section, once inside tap the QR icon located next to the name and photo of your WhatsApp user.

    After opening the tab with your QR code from the other device, open the QR code scanner to scan your code. As soon as the device recognizes it, it will automatically add your number to the WhatsApp contact list

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    There is a way to share your WhatsApp QR code without using your phone for that you will need to have it downloaded to your PC from an emulator such as Blue Batteries and then have logged in by entering your details. Once this is done you will be able to use the WhatsApp application from your PC and in the same way they will be able to add you to contacts by scanning the QR code on your PC.

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