How can I block someone on Google Hangouts

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Google Hangouts is an application developed by Google in 2013 with the purpose to serve as communication and interaction messaging, which includes multiple users at the same time. Its biggest competitor is Skype , as the application is similar. You can share chats, videos, photos, emojis. If you like to keep in touch with your family and friends, Google Hangouts is a great app for you, but it also blocks someone on Google Hangouts.

How can I block someone on Google Hangouts

You can install Google Hangouts on your computer or mobile device and stay connected wherever you are. Their conversations are easy and instantaneous, and you can even tell if messages have already been read and replied to; This application has the advantage that it can be used on both Android and Apple devices.

      What are the features of Hangouts messaging?

      It offers you several functions, such as voice calls, text messages, video calls for up to 15 people on the web and up to 10 users at your mobile level, this is a big advantage over its big competitor, as given that it is Skype; Also, it gives you the opportunity to share and edit documents; conversations are stored in the cloud.

      You can also see if the contact is available for conversation , which is indicated by an image below the normal avatar ; if you are offline, this image is displayed with a watermark. Likewise, you can send text messages and make calls from Hangouts to other cell phones that do not have this program, but still subject to the rates of the respective telephone company.

      How do I get started with the Hangouts service?

      If you use Google or Gmail, you have the service included ; now, to start managing Hangouts messages from your computer, the first thing is to have an Internet connection; but you have two ways to login, one is through Then enter your Google account information and then click "Sign In"; the other way is to search for Hangouts from Gmail and on the left side we click on "Login".

      If you log in from your computer, it comes automatically synced with your other devices , for example on your mobile. To start a call with your friends you need a camera and a microphone; To make a call from your computer, enter the address or Hangouts in Gmail and click "Call", then the name or phone number and that's it, to finish click "Finish call".

      How can I block someone on Google Hangouts?

      To make the user feel calmer and as a safety and security measure, Hangouts filters spam emails and separates them from those that haven't sent you an invitation; If this procedure is not done or you do not feel comfortable with that user, you can block him and him will only be able to see if you are connected, but it does not have the ability to send messages of any kind.

      Now you can block or skip a user, but also report abuse by the user; To do this, from your computer, enter the address of or search for Hangouts in Gmail, then select it from your contact list, then click on "Settings" and then on "Block and report".

      If you intend to report the abuse, it is done in "Report also" and finally click on "Confirm"; when an abuse report is made, a copy of the last ten messages of the conversations it is immediately sent to Google for consideration of this request.

      Finally we can say that you already know the great advantage that Hangouts messaging offers you, and if you haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, then the time has come to do so; it's very easy, fast and free ; It allows you to have a good smooth and calm communication between multiple people.

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