How can I choose a profile on Netflix?

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At Netflix we have the wonderful opportunity to choose the profile that is most closely linked to our way of being . In this way, in this entertainment company, we will be able to have a personalized experience with the various series and films they present. In our blog we also help you solve the most common problems when accessing Netflix.

How do I choose a profile on Netflix

We want to be distinguished and respected for who we are and therefore the things we do leave our mark of personalized conduct.

    How to set up a profile on Netflix?

    It is good that you know that on most devices you can create a profile on Netflix. Logically, the first thing you should do is go to the platform and log in by adding your email and a password. If you don't have an account, press " Subscribe now " and follow the steps they provide. If you are going to view your series and movies on a mobile phone or tablet, you will need to download them and then register.

    When you enter the page, go to the top right corner where you will see the name of the account holder and press the down arrow.

    You will be shown the option "Manage Profiles" and then you will see "Add Profile" . They will ask you to enter a name (it doesn't have to be your own), while doing so press "Continue". That's it, you've created a profile that you can customize to your liking by pressing where it's shown in pencil, on the profile icon, to fill in the remaining data and change your preferences.

    What options do I have when editing my profile?

    You will be able to change the language you prefer, add your email, you will see a playback configuration, age ratings among other things.

    Surely, the section that you will like the most is the one where you can insert i films and programs allowed in that profile. You can tailor content to all audiences, teenagers and children, depending on the type of access you have. Once you've made your changes, hit "Save" and voila!

    If you want to have multiple profiles in your account, don't worry, the site offers you the option to add up to a maximum of 5 profiles . Each of them can be customized according to your preferences, but only one is configured as the main one. As a tip, I recommend that you tailor the established content appropriately for children in the home.

    How to set age restrictions for children in the profile?

    The concern that an adult may have when setting the type of programming based on age is that a child is not accessing adult content.

    To ensure this we can go in the same way to the "Manage profiles" section and choose the one you want to modify. In the Allowed movies and series drop-down window, select the age classification you want to establish.

    To play it safe, you can select the "Children" option which is next to the profile name, after changing these options press "Save". It is important to know that none of the profiles have a security password , so you have to be careful that children only see the appropriate profile. As an additional information, you can search Netflix with an age filter, we will explain this in the following article so that your children do not post content that is not suitable for them.

    It makes us feel good to be able to choose the profile we can use on Netflix. By accessing our account we can have access to the content that we like best and therefore we will enjoy a better experience. It was a pleasure for us to share this post with you. You could leave us your comments to keep improving and working for you.

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