How can I create a new Fortnite account easily

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Given all the changes in the world and tons of fads cropping up every day, there's no doubt that we all want to keep up with even the smallest detail. For example, there is a game called Fortnite which has gained popularity in recent years. You want to play it, but you don't have an account, no problem, because today we show you how to easily create an account in fortnite.

How can I create a new Fortnite account easily

Next, we will explain in a simple way how to create an account in Fortnite, try to perform the steps correctly. Just do it!

      How to create an account in Fortnite?

      There is no doubt that Fortnite has become one of most popular games in the world . Not only did it entertain children to play it frequently, but several adults also joined this crowd of people who are part of the Fortnite community. If what you want is to join them, here we show you how to easily create a Fortnite account.

      Of course, before you start, you should consider which platforms you can safely play Fortnite on. As for the PC, you can play Fortnite from Windows 10 or Mac. Similarly, you can download Fortnite on Android or iOS or from consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox One o PlayStation 4.

      If you own one of these devices and have the Fortnite game, you can now create an account to start playing. Next, we show you what are the simple steps you need to follow for easily create an account in Fortnite. These steps are:

      • To get started, go to the page, since an account is required on this page to be able to link it to the platform on which we play.
      • Once there, click on the "Register" button that appears on the main page.
      • Provide the information requested therein and, to confirm your action, click on "Create account".
      • This will take you to a page where you have to hit the "Play for Free" button.
      • Choose the platform you want to play Fortnite on, i.e. one of the aforementioned.
      • By selecting your gaming platform, Fortnite will start downloading to it.

      It's that simple! Once this is done, the latest version of Fortnite will begin downloading on the platform of your choice. Obviously you have to keep in mind that this platform must be connected to your computer in advance to be able to download.

      How to easily verify your account?

      After you've successfully created your Fortnite account, there are still a few things you need to do to start using it. In short, as with most of the accounts we create on other websites, we have to verify and authenticate ourselves with or without email through a few simple steps. The steps you need to follow are:

      • On the Epic Games home page, click on your username to view your account details.
      • In the pop-up menu that appears, click "My account".
      • Once there, you will see a message saying "Account verification".
      • In this message, press "click here to resend", this will send the code to your email.
      • Go to your email and open the email from Epic Games.
      • Click the verification link that appears there.
      • Once inside, press the button "Verify your email".
      • If the account has been successfully verified, you will see there is a blue button that says "Keep on" , presser.

      On the other hand, you can verify your account

      That's all you need to do to successfully activate your Fortnite account. Once all of that is done, you can be sure that your account is fully secured and locked from any intruder. We invite you to continue to know this fun video game and win your games in Fortnite easily. Get the most out of your new account.

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