How can I create an alias in Outlook email - Hotmail

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An e-mail message is a networked messaging service through which it is possible to send and receive messages, information, notifications and various files, and today it is essential to create an e-mail or e-mail account. The first web messaging service was developed by Microsoft Corporation and was presented as a domain using the @ address.

L' email today it represents an important part of any user's information , as to access any platform where required to complete a registration you must enter an email address.

How can I create an alias in Outlook email - Hotmail

Hotmail was the pioneer address when the messaging service was launched on the market, later new domains were incorporated and its name was even changed, being registered with the name Outlook. Taking into account that it is Hotmail che Outlook were developed by Microsoft Corporation and is the same platform, and they are the best email providers.

How can I create an alias in Outlook - Hotmail email?

With the passage of time the need for a messaging or email account has increased, which has prompted the industry to develop new settings that allow the user to enjoy a better experience.

One of the innovations was the ability to include an "Alias". This tool allows the user to connect multiple email addresses into one , this is to select the account to be used on various platforms, without modifying the email itself.

Through the "Alias" the user can enter their e-mail box, all registered contacts and all aspects of the previous configuration. In addition, the person has the possibility to add as many aliases as he deems necessary.

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Steps to create an alias in Outlook email

The process of adding "Aliases" is quite simple:

  • Enter the official site, in your email and access the options panel, you will find the option among them "add an Alias" . In some cases the system will ask you to add again in the email.
  • By accessing this alternative, the system offers other options, such as creating a new Outlook email address or adding an existing one .
  • After selecting and adding your email account, click "Add alias" .
  • This way the account will already be registered.

Restrictions on creating an alias in Outlook email

Although creating an alias in the Outlook or Hotmail platform (which is the same for that matter) is quite simple, it is important to mention some restrictions on this service:

  • The registration system does not allow the insertion of email addresses that belong to or are previously registered as professional accounts or emails created as educational .
  • Normally the account to be created must have an address with letters, numbers, dashes and other symbols; but it does not allow spaces or other types of special characters.
  • If you already have an account with a @, @ or @ domain address, you will not be able to enter an account for registration; To do this, you need to enter an account with an Outlook domain.

Important configuration aspects for aliases in a Hotmail-Outlook email

If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from an account in alias mode, you can do so; To do this, you need to access the panel again and select "Manage how to log into Microsoft" . Click on the option "Remove" that appears next to all registered aliases. And in this way this address will be deleted.

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It is important to note that once the alias has been deleted, it cannot be registered in any Microsoft account that belongs to you. And in case the account you want to delete belongs to the primary alias, you must first select another one as the primary and then delete.

Aliases are one widely used tool for email accounts; as through these the user will be able to register various addresses and receive all notifications and messages in one place, without having to access them all, and make it a tedious task.

Furthermore, the person can register several times on a site using the various aliases and having a single site or account as a path.

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