How can I crossfade on Spotify?

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You may know what Spotify is and its uses, but you may not know many others how to do Crossfade. Normally the function Crossfade in Spotify it is one of the options that most users of the platform are not aware of, however it has a relevant level of importance. Since it allows users to listen more dynamically.

How can I crossfade on Spotify?

If you are one of the people who doesn't like hearing the cuts that exist between songs, then this feature is for you. Since prevents just that there is a cut when a song is over . In other words, when this option is activated, the end and the beginning of the songs work, making the spaces between one song disappear.

Activating Crossfade on Spotify is a very simple process, but it will give you a great experience when listening to your favorite songs on Spotify. Therefore, here we will teach you how to do crossfade on Spotify, so you will never have to put up with those silent spaces again when one song ends and another begins.

    What is cross fading?

    Crossfade is a music player, which consists of a transition effect between one song and another . That is to say that as soon as a song finishes its audio or volume gradually decreases, while with the song starting the opposite happens, its volume begins to increase, until it reaches its normal pitch.

    The main function of Crossfade is to overlap different songs, with the intention of not abruptly switching from one song to another. Likewise, it helps avoid the annoying pauses that occur when you finish one song and start another.

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    This feature is highly appreciated by all music lovers. Therefore, today it is very common to have this option, which is mainly used by DJs and in 2012 Spotify introduced it in its options . Nowadays, it has become a fabulous option for Spotify users.

    How to set up Spotify Crossfade?

    Spotify surprises us more and more, with its intuitive platform, simple interface and impressive features , making its users feel happy with this service, which they can use by creating a free account or with premium accounts that offer many benefits. However, one of the things that despair us most is when one song ends and there is an annoying silence before another begins.

    It is precisely at that moment that Crossfade begins to act, making sure you feel even more comfortable with the Spotify application. However, although the Spotify app has this option, it is not configured or enabled. Therefore, you need to configure it manually.

    Be aware that the procedure may vary depending on the equipment or device performing it.

    Enable crossfade in Spotify from your computer

    • Click on the check mark ✓ , located in the upper right corner and press the option Pref Renze
    • Next, you have to scroll this option down and select Show advanced settings
    • Then choose the potion of breeding
    • Once there, select and activate the option Make a smooth transition between songs
    • Finally, slide the bar to choose the desired crossfade duration.

    Enable crossfade in Spotify from iPhone

    • click on Start
    • Then press Pref Renze
    • Then a reproduction
    • Then you have to scroll down and select the option crossfade
    • Slide the bar to choose the desired crossfade duration.
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    Enable crossfade in Spotify from iPad

    • You have to select the A option your library
    • So check it out Pref Renze
    • Then select in Playback
    • Then scroll down the drop-down menu to get the option crossfade
    • Finally, slide the bar down to choose the duration time of the crossfade.

    Enable crossfade in Spotify from Android

    • click on starts
    • Then Pref Renze
    • Then select Crossfade and drag the bar to select the duration.

    This way, the cross-fade feature has already been activated in your Spotify account and you will be able to enjoy a variety of songs without any interruption.

    It is good to point out that Spotify is one of the most popular music listening applications today, and it is also possible to install Spotify Lite on your Android device, if you need a lighter version for your device.

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