How can I download or download the FaceApp application?

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This application is very popular today, as through it you can get high-quality selfies. This technology is the most advanced in terms of neutral portrait editing, with it you can have fun at change sex, hairstyle , makeup, hair color, or whatever, enhancing your selfies, turning them horizontally, or getting other types of transformations.

FaceApp is a photo editing application with which you can apply a variety of effects to portraits. In this way, obtaining a more professional and attractive photograph.

Even with this you can find out in a simple and fun way how you will look in a few years, or how you would look a couple of years younger. Also, you can visualize if it is your preference how you would look if you were of the opposite sex.

How to download FaceApp?

Using this application is very simple, you just need to have the App installed on your device and take a selfie, from this moment you can start with the transformations of your portraits. These tweaks offer the user a series of spectacular results instantly.

Downloading the application consists of a few steps which we will mention below. It is a simple tool that has reached the market to position itself as one of the best photo editing applications overnight.

First you have to go to the official store of your device "Play store" in the case of Android ol ' « App Store « for iPhone. Next, from the application store menu of your smartphone you have to enter the name of the application that is "FaceApp" And that's it. When you locate it, you just have to press where it says "download" .

As you can see, it is a simple procedure, once these steps are finished the application will be installed on your mobile device. And then, ready to open it and start enjoying the photo editing and its diversity of features it has included.

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Similarly, you can access the application from your computer by clicking on it. It will take you to the Play Store page and automatically to the application, you just need to select the option to install it.

How does the FaceApp application work?

Using this application is simple, having installed it and opening it you will discover a wide variety of functions with which you will have fun. First you have to focus your face towards the camera to be able to take the selfie, then some options will appear, choose the one you prefer.

At the same time, you can share the image if you want. When making changes to the selfie, you need to click "apply" in so that these changes are saved. Then you can click on the option "Share" which is located at the top of the application, to be able to share it through your social networks.

You just have to select the social network or medium by which you want to share the image. You can also add text if you prefer.

Also, if you just want to take your selfies, edit them and have them saved in a personal way, you can do it by pressing the icon "download" and the portrait will be saved in a folder within your device's gallery.

With FaceApp you can make your selfies perfect, change hair color along with the style, add drawings of smiles to enhance the portrait. In turn, you can try color filters, add glasses, trick and other functions.

Likewise, other functions you can discover are change your age , add tattoos and the application will always be able to find the best styles for you. It is a good tool with which you can identify which style suits you best.

In short, it is an application with which you can have fun with your selfies, you can change the sex and you will find out what you would be like if you were of the opposite sex. You can find out which hairstyle suits you best or which style just with this application.

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Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Do you think this application is really good? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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