How can I easily check my payroll online on my Soriana page?

Soriana is one of the best existing companies in Mexico, as it offers a multitude of opportunities like no other. One of them is the ability to check your status online. That's why today's appointment is to know How can I check my payroll on my website?

How can I easily check my paycheck on my online Soriana page

Because in the world we live in it is better to have all data digitized and protected online. So you don't get lost and always stay up to date. Soriana has a website that does all of this and more, being one of the most up-to-date and with the best interface in the Mexico.

If you are having connection problems, measuring the speed of your Internet connection is the ideal way to successfully overcome these problems.

      How to access the site?

      The first thing before learning how to check my paycheck on my online Soriana page, is to know how to access the page.

      For this you have to enter the web . It is very important that you use this and not other similar links , since this is the organization's official page, entering another one would put your personal data at risk.

      Once inside you will see a box appear where you have to enter your email and password, once you have entered your data correctly, click on the button "Login" to enter, if you don't have an account, open a button on the right there to create it, you just have to enter names, surnames and email.

      In case of being an employee, please note that so-called official records or data are provided to you by the department of human resources. HH of the company , and with these is that you must enter.

      Check my payroll on my online Soriana page

      Once inside the tab page, the rest is very simple, you just have to search for the section "Check My Payroll" , and there you will see all the information related to passwords, users, whether you are registered or not, among others (practically everything).

      In order to take advantage of the advantages that this page offers you must register on its digital page, you will be asked for the following information: the national registration number, the full name with all the surnames, an e-mail box, the company in which you work and the type of work you do.

      In the case of being an employee of a company (any), to check your status and carry out the procedures, you must go to the tabbed option on my employees page, once there you must press the corresponding button, this will allow you to be able to carry out the procedures you want (such as see the balance you have available or if you are active) .

      With everything you've read above, the question of how to check my paycheck on my online Soriana page? It should be clear by now, but what benefits does the page really offer users and employees?

      Advantages of the page in general

      This company is one of the best for various reasons, but one of the main ones is the advantages it offers, such as: the Omonel Soriana card that allows you to get discount coupons and coupons to buy all kinds of products (as well as other advantages that are all condensed within the paper).

      In the page, you can also carry out procedures such as the request for renewal of the national identity certificate and passport, also enjoying the benefits and advantages that ISSSTE has for workers (which saves a lot of time, making annoying procedures much simpler).

      Having said that, it should be noted that this company is all about people, providing facilities to all of its users without discriminating based on their position in the company.

      It is important not to be confused with other pages such as the Social Security and Workers Services Institute, as they do not offer this service in terms of payroll.

      Treat your employees as equals and offer them ways to improve not only their daily lives, but their lives in general. Now that knowing how to check my paycheck online on my Soriana page is no obstacle, It's time you started enjoying its benefits.

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