How can I easily install the HouseParty app

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The Houseparty application was acquired by Epic Games in 2012 and is currently considered the third most popular on social network, many have decided to install HouseParty ; however, it was only in 2016 that the public got to know her. Its growth and development has been very rapid, especially among adolescents under the age of 18 in the United States and Canada.

How can I easily install the HouseParty app

The basic and main idea is to create a party through video calls or group video chats with friends, colleagues or family; or between several people, with a maximum of 8 people participating. The co-founder of Houseparty says the average age ranges from 16 to 24, which represents 60% of users.

It has caused so much furor that Facebook has conducted its own market study and already has it in its sights. Teens like this app because they think it's genuine, works great, and is easy to install ; as well as constantly communicating with their closest friends. Naturally, this has caused concern for parents, who need to know how they can control the HouseParty app for their kids.

    So what is the HouseParty app?

    It is a social network that is used through an application that you can install both on computer than on mobile; and just by adding people to HouseParty you can already stay connected via group video chat. And when users are online, they get a notification to join the group.

    And when they enter, the screen splits, being able to have contact with up to 8 users in each room and several of them at the same time.

    As the name indicates, the idea is to have fun and have a good time with friends, have or organize a party , apart from what is mentioned. It is also characterized by the fact that it offers some extras such as sending text messages, videos and playing games online come Heads up, Trivia, Chips and Guac e Quick Draw.

    What are the advantages offered by this application?

    The Houseparty app can be used regardless of the device you have available; that is to say, it doesn't matter if it's a computer, or an iPhone, Android or an iPad, that's where its greatest advantage lies. Another plus is that you only need the person's name to register it.

    How can I easily install the HouseParty app?

    To download the appropriate Houseparty app for your device, you must visit his website. But it can also be downloaded for iPhone mobile phones and Mac computers in the App Store; for Android Smartphones on Google Play and also the Chrome Browser Extension on the Chrome Web Store.

    Once the application is established, you need to create or create an account in the app, to do this click on "Sign up", and enter the following data such as email, name, username, password and birthday date; It is recommended that you choose a nickname so that contacts recognize you.

    Then Houseparty will ask you for a phone number, however you can skip this step by ticking 'Skip' on the top right, it will now ask access to contacts so that you know which ones use this service by giving you a list, now you can choose the ones you want to add; finally we need to provide access to the camera and microphone.

    You already have the HouseParty account, the next step is to start making yours video calls , for example if you use the Chrome browser, the first thing to do is open Chrome.

    Then download HouseParty , click "Chrome Extension", then "Add to Chrome" in the top menu, then "Sign In" and your contacts will appear on the left side of the screen; Click on the one that interests you and it's ready.

    To conclude, HouseParty is an application that can be used by any user as long as they don't have less than 13 years of age , as it allows visual communication between multiple people, as well as distraction through online games, videos and text messages; It can also be used on any device.

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