How can I enter or access Minecraft if I get an error?

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Enter or accessing Minecraft is a necessary part to be able to play this fabulous game, but there are times when there can be mistakes. Especially when you download the non-premium Minecraft launcher for PC.

It is no secret that the Minecraft game with its world of paintings has become one of the most popular of the last decade.

How can I enter or access Minecraft if I get an error?

It was a matter of time before this game that combines strategy and fun in a free format won the affection of many people around the world.

To access the game, you need to have a account registered with Mojang or Microsoft. To play on Xbox Live you also need to sign up or create a free Microsoft account. So, through this section I will teach you how to enter or access Minecraft in an easy way.

    Log into Minecraft in case of an error

    In case you are unable to enter or log into Minecraft due to some kind of error, as you have forgotten your profile login details.

    So you have to go through some steps to get the information back and so that you can access the game Minecraft from any type of platform and start playing Minecraft using cross-platform with other friends.

    To do this you need to access the company's official website via your browser and press " Submit ". Now you have to go to the section above called" Login "and click that option.

    You must enter your email and any password, click on the "Login" option. When the incorrect password message appears, you need to select "Forgot your password?"

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    You must rewrite your email in the corresponding field and then click on "Request password reset" .

    Enter your email, as you are about to receive an email from Mojang, you need to open it and click "link of accesso " .

    To complete the procedure you need to enter the new password in the two fields indicated and then click on the "Reset password" option.

    Ready, this way you can solve your problem when you can't enter or access Minecraft.

    Log in to Minecraft

    If you are one of the users who still does not know how to log in or access Minecraft, don't worry, I will teach you how to easily go through this process.

    On the computer
    The steps to perform the procedure via the computer are similar to the step I indicated above. If you haven't seen it, don't worry, just follow these steps.

    You have to use your computer's browser and enter the web. Now press the " Submit ".

    Now that you are on the official Minecraft website you need to select the option "Login" . Now you will enter your email and then enter your password. Next, you will select "Sign in".

    It's ready. This way you will be able to access the Minecraft game website via your computer.

    Through the app

    In case you want to access through the Android or iOS application, remember that you must first have installed the application on your device.

    In case you don't have it, you should search for it in the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store, download and install it. You must remember that this is a paid application.

    Once the game is installed on your device you have to start it, automatically when you start it will ask you to write both your email and password in the corresponding fields.

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    Once done, you can just start enjoying the game, search for servers and play together with other people on the Internet.

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