How can I find out which browser version I have in Chrome, Firefox, Edge?

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On the other hand, there are some web browsers that help us correct these problems, so you need to know the best browser options available. And in this way we choose the most comfortable browser to use on our PC and that best suits our needs, looking for browsers that consume less resources.

How can I find out which browser version I have in Chrome, Firefox, Edge?

Among the most used and fastest web browsers we find Chrome, Firefox ed Edge. These browsers are one of the best 2020 web browsers on the market. It is important to note that each of them is available completely free and in multiple versions. Which makes them very useful for us.

It is common for us to have some of these browsers installed on our devices, as they are available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, and Linux.

The Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers have been characterized by providing the best service to their users, always innovating and providing tools that make browsing more enjoyable.

Advantages of Chrome, Firefox, Edge

They focus on malware prevention, which are malicious programs or software that can affect our browsing even the functioning of our devices. Normally, they have a tough job, fighting malware every day and developing tools that protect us from them.

Chrome, Firefox and Edge are in constant development and innovation, which is why they are offered to us every now and then new releases of these browsers. More and more advanced and with better tools and functions that allow a better experience when browsing the web.

It is essential for us to know which browser version we are currently in. In this way we find out if it is the best, if it suits our needs or if it is necessary to change it.

How do I know which version of Google Chrome I currently have?

To know the current version of our Chrome browser, the first thing we need to do is open Google Chrome. Once inside, we go to the top right corner and where are the three dots and click.

A Chrome customization and control menu will open. So let's get down to the penultimate option it says Help and we select it. A small menu with three options will appear and we choose Information on Google Chrome.

After that, an information window will appear and in the third line that goes down we will see what it says Version followed by the current version number that our Google Chrome browser has.

How do I find out which version of Mozilla Firefox I currently have?

The first step to know the Firefox version is to open our Mozilla browser. So let's go to the top right corner of our screen and do it click on the three horizontal lines.

The menu will open, we go down until we find the option that says help and we select it, the help menu will appear and we will click on the last option, About Firefox. We will get an information window and in the second line we will see the current version of Mozilla Firefox.

How do I know which version of Microsoft Edge I currently have?

First we open the Edge browser, once open we go to the upper right corner and select the three points. When the setup menu appears, let's go down to the last option of configuration and click.

In a simultaneous tab the Edge configuration menu will open, here we have to go down until we find Information about this application. In the next line we will look at the current version of Edge. This way we learned how to find the current version of the Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

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