How can I find out which mobile device a person has with their Gmail email?

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Anyone who has your Gmail email address can find out what cell phone you have . Once a mobile is started, reset or installed a completely new ROM, we commonly enter our email address to link our account to the mobile, restoring data such as our contacts, WiFi password or installed applications. Through this procedure it is also possible to know which mobile phone is related to a Google or Gmail account.

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  1. How do I know which Gmail account is linked to my Android device?
  2. Open the Gmail mobile device list
  3. Check which devices you are signed in on
  4. There is a lot of information that can be viewed with someone else's email
  5. With an email from Gmail you can find out which mobile phone you used
    1. You just avoid it by not using a Gmail account
    2. Google should consider this situation
  6. How to protect your account if you detect an unknown device?

How do I know which Gmail account is linked to my Android device?

Finding out if your Android device is linked to other accounts may seem difficult, however, we can find out from the same device in minutes.

For this we just have to go to the "Accounts and sync" option in the mobile settings. Then select the "Google" option, the account to which the device is connected will be displayed there.

We can also do it directly from the Gmail application which is installed on the Android mobile. Logging in will automatically display the primary account that is linked to the device and pressing on the account's logo or profile picture at the top of the screen will other accounts that are also linked are displayed to the device . .

In case you wish disconnect or delete an unwanted account , simply enter the option "Manage account on this device", which will appear if you click on the logo or profile picture of the main account, select the account we want to delete, press on "remove account" and the game is done.

Open the Gmail mobile device list

It is possible that your Gmail account is open on other devices, because you forgot to close it or if you did but the account is not è been closed and is accidentally opened on that other device .

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To check the list of mobile devices in the Gmail email you can do it by logging into your Gmail account, yes recommends doing this via a computer , as not all mobile devices have the ability to open these options.

Once you have entered your account, go to the configuration panel and select the "Security", "Your devices", "Manage devices" option. All mobile devices that have access to your Gmail account they should appear here.

You can close your Gmail account from any device simply pressing it and selecting the "exit" option .

Check which devices you are signed in on

This query can also be made from our Gmail account via computer or mobile (it is important to note that not all mobile phones can view this information).

All you have to do is go to the account settings, then enter "Your devices", "Manage devices" and look for the option "Devices on which you have left your account", there you will see all devices on which you have logged in and out of your account Gmail in the last 28 days.

There is a lot of information that can be viewed with someone else's email

In this way, we only have need to know someone's email , either because it is a person we know, is a relative or is a friend of ours, because they also put it on their business card, or even through techniques of completing the registration forms in Excel, where the data is entered.

In any case, we must be honest, because this is absolutely serious for us. For someone to know or be able to know what another person's mobile model is with just their Gmail account, it doesn't have to have really rigorous implications, but something like this can be done and this forces us to take into account the need to there privacy Gmail needs improvement .

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With an email from Gmail you can find out which mobile phone you used

The method is quite simple, perhaps why Google has too much faith in users . The way is quite simple. You just need to know the Gmail account of the person you want to log in with. But it is clear that we do not know your password, so we should try to recover it.

We will select in Forgot your password? And when you open the following window, click on Try otherwise . This will show us a list of ways to get the password. The most frequent will be to press on the notification that will reach the owner's mobile phone. However, this unfortunately will not prevent us from knowing the model of the device.

The system will ask us for the phone number that is registered with the Gmail account. Since we don't have that mobile, we click on I don't have my phone, then it will show us the last two digits of the mobile number, will also reveal the model and devices with which a Gmail account to unlock and verify its identity is related.

The photo or image that the owner has as their avatar in their email account will also be displayed. It also shows the mobile phones associated with the email in chronological order.

The peculiarity that can be detected at the time of carrying out this check is that Google believes that the person requesting verification is the owner of the account . Anyway, during the rehearsal of these steps, the person who owns the account will be notified, so besides being very obvious in the reasons, DO NOT do this, as no one will like it that they are checking where they shouldn't.

Knowing this little privacy window already, it's consistent use this information only to avoid being a victim of attack or some scam , take all relevant steps to show the smallest essential aspects of your privacy and, of course, change your Gmail password.

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You just avoid it by not using the Gmail account

Preventing this from happening is unfortunately very complicated if you use Gmail. The only way to prevent Google from disclosing information is to not use an email. Thanks to this, in the Settings - Accounts - Google mechanism there will be no email that allows you to obtain information on which Phones you are using.

Google should consider this situation

Surely, anyone who knows our e-mail address, can know the cell phones we have used and also which is the last one we added, as well as the last two digits where our cell phone number and company profile photo ends. the account on Google. For this reason, Google should try to control that kind of information more and do not allow them to be readily available.

How to protect your account if you detect an unknown device?

When you log into your Gmail account from a new device, Gmail automatically sends an alert to the connected primary device, letting you know that you are logging in from a different device. If the user who owns the Gmail account does not recognize this device or login, you can immediately notify Gmail that it is an unknown device simply pressing the option "No, it wasn't me" .

Data such as the time, location and type of device from which the account was opened can be very helpful in finding the responsible person. By telling Gmail it wasn't you, the account will be closed on all other devices .

To protect your account from unknown devices you can establish one verify to confirm your identity , this can be achieved through account settings security.

Immediately proceed to change your account password via the "Login and Security" option in your account settings. A password change every now and then reduces the chances of that other people can access the account a without your knowledge.

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