How can I find out who is using my Netflix account?

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There is no problem for Netflix to lend your account, so you can feel free to lend your account to both family and friends. If you want to know who among the many people is using your Netflix account , read on to find out how.

How can I find out who is using my Netflix account?

The problem can arise when you share your Netflix account with friends or family members and they, in turn, also lend it to other people. Your family and friends can do this without your knowledge or permission. However, you can easily find out who is accessing your Netflix account , where they came from, and when was the last time they accessed it.

      Netflix as a content service platform

      Netflix is ​​a company that offers content services audiovisuals , via the online platform or video on demand streaming service. It is a very popular platform that started its industry by offering DVD rental service by mail. Netflix is ​​for those fans of growing digital content library.

      For those who want to see big hits, like Stranger Things, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, can be found on this platform . In the Netflix library, there are also past series that have been successful, such as Friends, or you can find the best movies, old and new popular.

      But one of the features that makes using Netflix attractive is that with a single account you can create multiple profiles . This way more people can benefit from the service, including our friends and family. We can share our Netflix account with other people, as Netflix does not pay attention to this detail, but if you don't want to share your personal account, you can grant a subscription to your loved ones.

      Now the problem is that if you have been very generous in providing your Netflix account credentials you may not know who is using it and who is enjoying this service. Netflix helps you in this case and lets you know who is accessing your account .

      How to know who uses your Netflix account

      Netflix can help you solve the mystery of who is accessing your account. Little by little we will show it to you. The first thing you will do is log into your Netflix account. After logging in, you will choose the main profile or the profile that is yours.

      Once you have chosen the profile with which you want to check who is using the account, you will enter the catalog of services. At the top of the screen you will click on your profile and a menu will appear in which you have to go to the section where Account . All information relating to the password, payment, activity, among other things, is displayed.

      Once there, you'll navigate to where you can see Stream Activity and left-click. In this section, you can see a detailed list of times someone has accessed your Netflix account. If someone is logged in, you will be able to see the date , the time, time zone, location and IP address. Information can also be obtained from the type of device used.

      This procedure that you have performed is only to be informed of who is accessing your Netflix account. By doing this you will be able to close the session of all users to whom you will give access to your Netflix account, and thus have better control of the users who manage your account.

      If you suspect that someone has accessed your Netflix account without authorization, you can choose to change your password. If what you want is just information about who is using your Netflix account, with these simple steps you can get it. Keep visiting our page to learn more and be aware of other procedures.

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