How can I get free Counter Strike skins easily?

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Counter Strike is one of the best FPS ever. That's why when its new version called Global Offensive came out, everyone jumped for happiness (because they knew it would be the best Counter Strike). This, I implement many new things that had not been seen and that is why the question will be answered today , how can I get free skins for Counter Strike?

And it is that learning everything about this video game is necessary to be considered a high quality player. Since the Counter is the grandfather of most games in the genre first person shooter , having been the inspiration for hundreds of titles released after him, but which never managed to mark the generations so much. For this and much more you need to download and install Counter Strike Global Offensive and read this tutorial.

How can I get free Counter Strike skins easily?

    How can I get free Counter Strike skins?

    The first thing you should know is that everyone these methods are completely legal and no one will make you delete or block your account, so you shouldn't worry about problems in the future.

    The second is that there are many ways to get free skins, maybe these skins are not the best in the game, but they will give a different style to your weapons allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

    Il trick number one to get free skins is to level up. Well, this is not so much a gimmick but a game mechanic. But the more beginners and those who are just entering, should know that every time you raise your level they give you a skin.

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    They are usually the worst in the store, but you get the great value ones from time to time, so you can always pray when you are about to go up.

    Opening boxes

    This is another mechanic of the game, since when you play you will be given a loot or a box that carries various objects. The chances of getting something good are very low, but there are always those who are lucky. The easiest way to get good skins with this method is to play around a lot to get a lot of boxes.

    Display of official game tournaments

    This is a trick that almost nobody knows about, and if you watch the official Counter Strike tournaments that are organized by Twitch, they will give you a box as a prize, which can contain very good skins (depends on the category and the seriousness of the match). Tournament).

    All you have to do is create a Twitch account if you don't have one and then sync it with the Steam account where you have the game, so every time you watch a live show they will give you your corresponding box. This should already solve the question: how can i get free skins for Counter Strike? , but there are still tricks.

    By visiting the Steam community

    Another method that answers the question , how can I get free skins for Counter Strike ?, is to visit the Steam community, as there are published ways to get the valuable points that allow you to get better skins.

    These ways are varied but all equally easy, you just have to complete a few surveys, download a specific application, invite a friend, among others. By respecting everyone you will already earn legal points.

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    Join a server that is down

    Perhaps this is one of the simpler methods, and equally legal of the others, you should only find a seemingly down server, but you can actually access it. In most of them you will earn at least one point every minute you spend there, so you don't even have to fight.

    If you wait a bit you will get some good points that will bring you closer to buying your skins, you will just have to repeat the process a few times until you reach your goal.

    And with that, the question is solved , how can I get free skins for Counter Strike? Now you just have to go play and apply these tricks so that soon you can be the most powerful in your area. And in case you get bored at some point of this title, can you search what other games are there like Counter Strike?

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