How can I get Minecraft in 4K - Super Minecraft

Minecraft is a game in which all its elements are in the shape of a cube or block, which means that you can change and customize the images. Therefore, the materials, the characters, the animals and the plants they have a square and pixelated appearance. However, it is possible to improve the graphic details of Minecraft up to an impressive high definition of 4K, but for that we will need several things.

How can I get Minecraft in 4K - Super Minecraft

What's the first thing I need to get Minecraft in 4K?

A computer with the necessary processing power to generate the light and shadow effects of our vision. For the specific case of a Minecraft with a photorealistic appearance, we will need a processor in our PC with at least 8 cores, 3200 Mhz, 32 GB of RAM and a good 8 GB or more nVidia or Gigabyte graphics card. .

What should I download to get it in 4K?

You will need to download 5 files from 4 different Web sites : a mod specially designed to greatly improve the graphics through a shader, another mod that includes an HD texture pack, the classic Optifine mod for supporting said textures and having the Minecraft Forge version 1.14.4 or later.

Of the 4 web addresses, 2 are paid : first the Ultimate Immersion is a mod and also an HD texture pack, which has plans ranging between $ 8 - $ 50 (maximum resolution quality varies by plan), and secondly, the Sonic Ether shader , which will give the realistic touch to high definition textures, has plans ranging between $ 10 - $ 25.

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How can I get a 4K Minecraft?

First, locate the downloaded Forge file in your downloads folder and double click on the icon to open the installation window and then on the "OK" button to execute and complete the process.

We go to the address bar of any Explorer window or press the Windows + R keys to open the "Run" window, and place "% appdata%", this will not lead to the application data folders you have on your computer; Among them, access the ".minecraft" folder.

Go to the “shaderpacks” folder e paste the fillet shader Seus PTGI (that of Sonic Ether); then go up one level and go to the "resourcepacks" folder, where you will paste the Ultimate Immersion texture file.

Let's go up one level and locate the "mods" folder (if it doesn't exist, create it), once inside let's put the two files we have left : the Optifine mod, and the Ultimate Immersion mod for modern interiors, we can download different mods in Minecraft; in the case of the latter, available in ZIP format, we must unzip it to obtain the Java file with JAR extension.

Running Minecraft

Let's open Minecraft and press the "Installations" button where we will see the Forge version, click on the additional options button (...) and go to the "Edit" option. Now in "JVM Arguments" let's go to the beginning where it says "-Xmx2G-" and replace it with "-Xmx14G-" and save; with this we allocate 14 GB of RAM to the game .

When starting Minecraft we will see in the lower left the message in English "3 mods loaded" indicating that they have been loaded correctly (Minecraft, Forge and Ultímate immersion); let's go to "Options> Graphics> Shader", we select "Seus PTGI" and click "OK".

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Let's go to "Options> Resource Packs" and let's move the Ultímate Immersion mod from the option "Packages in folder" to "Packages in use"; we move it to the first place so that it has the highest hierarchy and save.

Let's go to "Options> Video Settings" , and in "Details" the "Alternative blocks" option in "No", the "Trees" option in "Quick". Let's go up one level and go to "Quality". In "Natural Textures" we put "No". Let's go back to the "Shader" option. We mark "Shadow Quality" in "1X" and "Old Lighting" in "Default".

Bottom line, a Super Minecraft in 4K is an option for fans only. Who want to allow themselves to see a different face of this game. There graphics quality is really impressive , but yes, doing some shopping.

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