How can I insert or adapt a battery with a higher or different amperage to my mobile phone?

Your phone drains frequently, if you are not satisfied with your battery performance, here you can find out how I can put or adapt a higher amperage or a battery different to my mobile phone, is it possible?

    Placing a higher amperage battery will not be the solution

    Perhaps at some point you thought that adding a higher amperage battery to your mobile device would give you better performance. The truth is, most mobile devices have parts designed to run on the power generated by the original battery .

    Maybe you can find a battery that has the same size as the original battery and even so, which has more amperage, thinking about this, we believe that by adapting this battery instead of the original one, which our mobile device has, we will cause its performance to increase.

    The truth is that by doing so you will only damage your cellphone . As we have already mentioned, mobile devices have components designed in such a way that they only work properly with the electrical power and milliamperage (mAh) provided by the original battery.

    You will cause damage to our device

    Being quite clear that this is not recommended for our mobile devices, it must be clear that the damage we can cause to our device can be slight. than permanent .

    These situations tend to reach an extreme point where devices tend to overheat, batteries tend to suffer an effect that causes them to swell. If you have a swollen battery, you may reach a point where the device could explode.

    Sure, by replacing the battery with one of higher amperage, you will get a possible performance improvement in the short term, but this will become something that will be extremely dangerous , not only for your device, but also for your physical integrity or your health.

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    A valid solution

    Now that the doubt is cleared up, can I put a higher amperage battery on my mobile phone? We will tell you that it is not the best option you can take. We will now offer you some alternatives that you have at your disposal to improve the battery performance of your mobile device.

    One of these alternatives is to close apps that may be running in the background. These apps running in the background are the main causes of our mobile device's excessive battery drain, even with the one on the lock screen.

    There are also several apps that can improve the performance of our device. Some of these are that its developers promise that it can save up to 60% of the battery of our devices.

    While this is unlikely, it is still a good solution to improve battery performance. Another such app is GO Battery Saver , which has the ability to place a widget on the home screen, this can facilitate access to the battery saver of our device.

    , is one of the simplest and designed for beginners in these apps. It's one of those that has a classic feature like turning off automatic sync, plus other features that really make our device rest at night while we're not using it.

    If you don't want a new app

    If you are unwilling to download a new app on your device, you do not have enough memory or, for any other reason, it is not in your ability to download another app on your device. There are devices that could help us improve the performance of our battery .

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    There are cases with built-in battery that allow us to extend the useful life of our battery. If these cases are not for you, you can always use one of the external batteries, of which there are several companies, different brands that offer different amperages, you will surely find the ideal one for you.

    Remember to think about your health and physical integrity first Furthermore, by doing so you will keep the useful life of your mobile device intact, we hope that this information has been useful enough, share it with your friends and make them keep their devices intact.

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