How can I install Truetype and Opentype fonts on Windows (example)

Windows is one of the most used operating systems in the world. It has been part of our life for many years, so its characteristics have become very easy to recognize.

Of course, if you want to change the look of your computer, a good option is to add a new font. That's why in this article we show you come installare i font TrueType e OpenType in Windows .

It may be that by using our computer with the same characteristics so much, you get tired and want to do something to make it special. Installing a different font will definitely give it that unique and personal touch that you want so much. If you want to find out how to do this, please read on to find out.

    How to install fonts in Windows?

    In the past it was very difficult to customize our computers, as their options were limited and decoration was not a priority. But, as the years went by and the technology advances, it has become easier and easier to give to our computers a personal and unique touch .

    Today, there are many ways we can customize our computers, such as setting the background, changing the icon for folders, even changing the default font in a Word document.

    But something we all wanted to do is change the font for different computer functions. We can do this with two types of fonts: TrueType and OpenType.

    Both have great quality and excellence, as well as being very pleasing to the eye, regardless of which one we choose. If you want to download and install a font in Windows step by step, read on.

    Steps to install TrueType and OpenType fonts on Windows

    First di install the fonts you want on your Windows computer, you need to download them. You can do this from the trusted website of your choice or from the official Microsoft website. Once downloaded, the steps to follow to install the fonts are:

    • Turn on your computer and go to "Start".
    • Click on the "Settings" option.
    • Go to the "Control Panel" section.
    • Open the "Fonts" folder by double clicking on it.
    • Click "File" and then "Install New Font".
    • Find the font or fonts you want to install.
    • Select the character or characters you want to point to.
    • Finally, hit the "Ok" button to complete the process.
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    After following these steps, you can be sure that you have installed the fonts regardless of their type. Of course, you have to take into account how each is identified ; for example, TrueType fonts have the extension .TTF, while OpenType fonts are marked with the extension .OTF and an icon with the letter O. You can also identify the typeface or font from an image.

    What to remember when installing fonts in Windows?

    Installing fonts on our Windows computer can be very simple, but even then there are several things to consider. The first thing to remember is that you have to download compatible fonts with Windows. Now, if you want to download and install different fonts on your Mac, that's entirely possible too.

    Among the fonts designed for different operating systems, there are some details that differ greatly. It is true that i OpenType fonts work on any platform , but TrueType doesn't have the same virtue. This is why we need to distinguish between fonts made for Windows and those that run on other operating systems.

    Make sure you have all characters inside the computer . If you install the fonts while they are on a USB stick or CD, they will not remain if the external drive is removed. Likewise, it is necessary to reboot the system once installed so that they work in all systems of the same.

    Furthermore, we remind you that you should not download and install the same fonts in different formats, as this may make it difficult for them to function correctly. But if you can create your own fonts for Windows with Prototypo, none of them convince you.

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