How can I open a file with the JSP extension on my Windows PC?

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Windows is one of the best operating systems, it provides functions and applications, which make it a great assistant. The system is so complete that it reads most of the existing files and language codes. For this reason the question will be answered today : How can I open a .jsp file on my Windows PC?

How can I open a file with the JSP extension on my Windows PC?

Although the above may seem like something complicated, actually the window system makes everything very simple, so you shouldn't be afraid if you don't know all the terminology, as you will see everything in detail here, for a better understanding. With that in mind it's time to get started.

    How can I open a file with the JSP extension on my Windows PC?

    To begin and before answering the question , how can I open a file with the JSP extension on my Windows PC? First, you need to know in detail that this is a JSP file.

    Basically the acronym stands for java server page and contains a text source code that generates dynamic content. This code is created with a template and elements from the JSP.

    The template uses formats such as HTML, XML and SVG. These files always start and end with the command "<%" "%>" and contain java programming language directives or code (as advice you should update and install java to the latest version available, because it will work better).

    These files can be opened in all operating systems, but each has a different way of doing it. In the case of Windows there are two possible aspects you can take, the number one is to open the complete file and the two to see it in Notepad in text mode.

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    To get the former, you need to have a suitable program that allows you to open the file with a double click, the best for this are : Adobe Dreamweaver , Eclipse IDE, Editplus, Web browser e Stylus studio.

    By having one of these on your PC, the program should automatically open your file. As a recommendation, one of the best you can use is Webbrowser.

    Use of the web browser

    In case you want to follow the recommendation, the first thing you need to do in order to open a file with this program is to download it from its website which has the same name and then install it.

    Once done, you should make it the main option to open your JSP files. For this you must first right-click on the file in question.

    Then, choose the option "Select another application", Than we "Other applications" and finally "Look for another application on this PC". This action will bring up a search box where you need to locate the folder where the application is located.

    When you find it, check the box called "Always use this application to open JSP files" and do click his " OK "to confirm the changes. With that, your file will open and the program will be configured.

    Open in Notepad

    With the above, to the question How can I open a .jsp file on my Windows PC ?, is answered almost completely, now you will see how to view your file in text format.

    To achieve this you have to go to the Windows start menu and choose "Block notes". Self can't open or find Windows 10 notepad, you will have to look for a solution like looking for an equivalent program, however you should normally find it in the " Accessories ".

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    Once inside, press the window " Fillet "to bring up the drop-down menu where you have to choose" apri ", this will bring up a window where you can browse and select your file.

    Give the option "File types "and press the call selection "All files" , then proceed to search for the folder where what you want to see is, when you find it you just have to press the button " apri "and voila, your JSP file will be there in notepad.

    With the latter already in place, there's nothing else you can learn, so you can say you've answered How can I open a file with the JSP extension on my Windows PC? in fact, you just have to put your knowledge to the test.

    Remember that not only can you open JSP on your computer, Windows also allows you to open a file with a CFM extension and those that are AXX too, so if you need to use them, you just need to look for a tutorial like this.

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