How can I pay for Uber with a Rut account? What are the payment modules?

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Around the world, millions of people use public transport which allows them to reach a specific destination, although some of these tend to take some time. This is because, a bus may experience delays due to road traffic or the subway has problems at the stops, so many prefer to use Uber .

Uber is a company with a mobile application that was built to be able to take a taxi quickly, up to 5 minutes , so your transfer is fast. This American company works through the interface of its mobile application, with which, with just one click, you can get transport.

How Uber works

In recent years, Uber has become very famous because it is a company that provides excellent services to its users in about 45 different countries all over the world . The rapid success of this company is due to the simple way in which you can request a car to take you, simply by logging into the mobile application.

On the other hand, their drivers are responsible and punctual, so you won't have to waste time waiting, as well as being clean and comfortable cars for you. Since Uber has a Program of acceptance for each country , offers complete safety on the part of drivers, as they must meet a number of requirements to function.

Now, a surprising aspect of this company is the ease of paying with your Uber account that it is able to provide to all its users around the world. Therefore, it is not necessary to always have cash or a credit card, simply, the Uber application allows you to pay with different forms of payment.

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Therefore, if you have a RUT account, you will be able to make your payments in a modern and completely safe way; Right now, we will explain how you can do it from the application.

How can you pay for your Uber with a RUT account?

To make these payments, we can mention 3 options; in case your RUT account is old; pay it with a Visa card from a RUT account and via Paypal . In the first situation, you are using an old account, where this card does not include the word Visa or other information for online procedures.

In case you don't intend to upgrade your old card for a Visa, you have to use the Mach application , which is a virtual card, which you can use to pay. For this you have to download the application from the app store of your mobile, both Android and iOS, and then register only with the data requested in it.

Carta Mac

At this point, you must validate your identity to activate the Mach card; Follow the procedure by adding the RUT account to Mach, by bank transfer. With that ready, you can go to the Uber application and look for the option "Add payment method" and enter the data required by your Mach card.

Visa Card

On the other hand, to cancel with an RUT account with a Visa card, the steps to be taken are shorter and faster; before entering the Uber mobile application. Then, select the "Payment" option, where the other option is "Add payment method" and now select "Credit or debit card" .

There you will be able to provide the required data of your Visa card, such as the number, expiration date and other information, with which you can pay for Uber with the RUT account. The other payment option we have mentioned is to do it for that, what you need to do is connect the RUT account to your Paypal .

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To perform this process, you must associate the RUT account with your Visa card ; For this, use the Paypal application and enter your details. Then, in the nut or configuration icon and select "Bank accounts and credit cards" , and then associate your Visa card to the RUT account.

Once there, you just have to add the data they ask for the Visa card; with which you can make your payments without having to transfer a balance to Paypal. Similarly, you can add money to PayPal, using the Multicaja option, in order to have money available in your Paypal.

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