How can I pay in installments or installments in MACH, is it possible?

Since 2017 Mach has been offering its services within the Chilean territory. Even so, there are many doubts about the services offered. That said, we'll talk a little about if you can pay in installments or installments in MACH. It's possible? Here we show you the answer.

Chile has undoubtedly opened up to new technologies, a clear example being that anyone can be a Beat driver in Chile, on the other hand, Mach comes to represent a very simple to use online banking system with minimal requirements.

    Can you pay in installments or in installments using the Mach card?

    Undoubtedly, i benefits offered by the Mach card they are very important. Despite this, there are many doubts in relation to this modality provided by the Mach company. It is something understandable given the new moves in digital banking, but, below, we will resolve one of the most recurring doubts.

    So, can you pay in installments or installments using the Mach card? The immediate answer is that not you can pay in installments or in installments using the Mach card . The reason for this is that Mach uses the prepayment method and payments made in installments are usually handled in most cases via credits.

    Given this condition, it is very rare that a prepaid card is valid for making purchases in installments. Even so, this is not an impediment to many other functions that Mach allows us.

    What can you do with your account and your Mach card?

    Mach is a company focused on digital banking, providing a national alternative for the Chilean market. Its premise is to offer a simple to understand system that provides services for newbies to the world of digital purchases or digital banking .

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    All of the above proposals are made via the so-called Mach card, which is a virtual card for making purchases (although they also have a physical variant). To use the services, you can download:, Mach in the Apple Store and also in the Huawei application store.

    Therefore, the first thing to do is download the Mach application , and follow the registration procedure, which will allow you to use the platform's services to make your purchases and other online procedures. After completing all these steps, you will be assigned a virtual prepaid card, with the option to request a physical prepaid card.

    The best thing about the whole process is that the the only requirement required by the Mach company is that you are of legal age (holder of a Chilean card). Therefore, you can use the services provided by Mach if you are looking for an alternative to make payments easier.

    What can you do with Mach

    While it is not possible to buy or pay in installments with Mach, it is possible to perform many different procedures inside and outside Chile. Here are some of the things you can do with your Mach account.

    • Make various payments with great ease, including paying for basic services. Indeed, this is one of the ways you can pay Movistar Chile bills and so on with other services.
    • Make purchases within the country and outside it.
    • Make payments with your acquaintances.
    • Withdraw the money that you manage through Mach at any ATM.

    Clearly, the above summarizes everything you can do with Mach. If you have any doubts, it is best to contact the company directly, they will resolve your concerns.

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    At the same time, remember that if you do not like the services offered by the company, you can unsubscribe from Mach at any time. You lose nothing by registering on the platform and trying its services.

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