How can I permanently delete my Spotify account?

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If you've come this far, you may know what Spotify is and its uses. There is no doubt that Spotify is one of the platforms for listening to music, the most popular and used in recent times. Counting on a significant numerical value of monthly users. Likewise, it has a vast amount of songs of different artists and genres.

How can I delete my Spotify account forever?

Likewise, this application is currently available on several devices and can be downloaded to a computer, as it is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Phone, Symbian, iOS and Android.

However, it is normal that at some point you get bored with this application and that for some reason you want to permanently delete it. If this is the case for you, then this article is ideal for you, as we will explain step by step how you can delete your Spotify account, forever.

    Delete my Spotify account forever

    Today this application is compatible with both computers and mobile devices. Therefore, if you want to permanently delete the account on Spotify, the first thing you need to know is that you can do it from the computer that is most convenient for you or from the one at your disposal.

    Likewise, it doesn't matter what you use, since the process is very simple and it won't take long. Also note that the steps may vary slightly by device, but the steps are still similar.

    In case your Spotify account was created in connection with your Facebook profile, please note that the instructions are different. Likewise, here I will explain each of the details.

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    Delete my Spotify account from PC

    • The first thing to do is to access the Spotify official page from your computer's default browser.
    • So you have to carry out the login , adding the username and corresponding password of your account
    • As soon as you are on the Spotify platform, you need to go to the bottom of the page and select the option "Information" .
    • Below you will find several alternatives or sections. You must enter "Support Services and Customer Service" and then "Contact Form"
    • Once you have accessed this section, you need to check the tab "Account" and then click "I want to permanently close my Spotify account"
    • Finally and to finish the process you have to click on "Close account"
    • By doing this you have already deleted your Spotify account from the PC

    Delete my Spotify account from mobile (Android and iOS)

    If you are a Spotify user and have an Android or iOS smartphone, you need to do the following to unsubscribe from Spotify:

    • Download and install the Spotify app on your device
    • So you have to enter now
    • Then click on the grain-shaped element, which is located in the upper right area
    • Several options appear immediately. You have to select in "Support"
    • It opens automatically in your mobile web browser. You have to navigate and go down to the footer and select the option "Information "
    • Then click "Contact Form" followed by "Account"
    • After this step, click "I want to close my Spotify account permanently"
    • Finally confirm the action by clicking on "Close account"

    How to delete my Spotify account created by Facebook?

    If your Spotify account has been linked to Facebook , to unsubscribe, the first thing you need to do is log out of this social network. To do this, you need to do the following:

    • Access the Spotify application via your PC
    • As soon as you log into the app, you need to click the down arrow , which is located in the right corner
    • A drop-down menu appears immediately in which you need to choose the option "Preferences"
    • Go to the section "Social" and select the option "Disconnect from Facebook"
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    When you have already disconnected your account with this social network, what you need to do is follow one of the steps explained in the previous sections and in this way you have already unsubscribed from Spotify.

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