How can I prevent cockroaches from infecting or damaging my computer?

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For those who work in environments rich in electronics and equipment, it is normal to have to deal with a few parasites. For this reason, it is essential to know the ways to prevent cockroaches from infecting or damaging mine computer.

- crawling animals they are a deadly weapon for computers, because access systems can ruin the performance of operating systems. In fact, more than 30% of failures occur for this reason. But dealing with this type of situation is somewhat problematic, as not all ways are feasible.

For effective cleaning, you may be interested in making your own disinfectant wipes using wet wipes.

See how harmful parasites are for a PC!

Recently, a study revealed that game consoles and other technological devices are common places for pest breeding. These values ​​allow equipment to fail or fail systems.

One of the most common reasons for proliferation is because computers are housed in enclosed spaces or in corners of the house. It is this location, along with the hot heat emitted by the implants and the lack of solid airflow, that attracts insects.

The ideal way to prevent cockroaches from infecting or damaging my computer is to maintain excellent room hygiene. Especially with the use of cleaning products, compressed air or special vacuum cleaners.

While consoles must undergo a rigorous cleaning that involves disassembling the console, cleaning with a damp cloth and blowing the affected areas.

These are the best ways to prevent cockroaches from infecting or damaging my computer. Clearly, there are a few ways to prevent cockroaches from infecting or damaging my computer, among the most effective and recommended are the following:

Use effective repellents

Depending on the type of parasite, certain types of repellents will be used to keep animals away from the equipment. Users should keep in mind that there are liquid, pill, powdered or odorous versions.

One of the most suitable is that of liquid consistency, which can be applied every week in the area and comply with maintenance. However, can also add some pads in closets or enclosed areas where cables and consoles are placed.

Always clean your work area

While it sounds a little corny, cleaning is all about keeping parasites away from computers. The more strict the person is, the better he can control all the bugs that want to roam the computer.

A tip is to perform the hygiene every week in the case of very small spaces such as offices with multiple machines. In case of a room, once every 15 days should be more than enough. If your monitor is LED LCD or plasma it is important that you be careful with its cleaning.

Put filters on the inputs

Another of the best tips to prevent cockroaches from infecting or damaging my computer is to use screens or filters. All computers or consoles have certain openings so that the equipment can breathe, being a perfect entrance for animals.

One way to improve this is with the use of special nets, these will not allow insects to get inside and damage the pieces.

Soft bristle brushes

Another tool to prevent cockroaches from infecting or damage my computer are the soft bristle brushes. They are characterized by being objects that have a cavity in any part of the computer or console.

The structure is compact unlike other elements, and its bristles are special so as not to damage the doors or the most delicate controls. They are used to release dust from equipment, especially those that have been turned off for a long time.

As a recommendation, experts or consumers are required to use resistant ones. Also, before cleaning they have to bathe in isopropyl alcohol.

Just like you should clean your computer to prevent cockroaches from invading it and avoid diseases, it is also important to clean your mobile screen from time to time. And if you have Airpods or Earpods clean them well too.

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