How can I promote or advertise my free blog - Strategies, modules and tactics?

I blog come information and interaction portals they are very useful platforms, and in addition to easy access and creation, there are platforms to create blogs, or you can use the popular demand, Blogger, which facilitates the creation of a blog, from a simple and convenient way.

But the topic of blogs is not limited or conditioned to common web browsing, it is possible to create a personal or corporate blog on Facebook, thus demonstrating that these tools are in great demand . But it is useless to create and structure oneself in the best way, if it does not make itself known.

    Is blog advertising recommended or not?

    To refer us to a concise and precise answer to this fact, we can answer with the expression of popular ardor so widespread and at the same time so appropriate for this approach, the expression will have been heard for some time: "what is not exposed is not sold ", And it's true, and applies to the theme of advertising.

    What is built inside the blog, is for the sample, viewing and use of a third party, which in this case would be the blog reader, how can you appreciate the content, if you do not know it exists. L' need to promote a blog , arises from the need to broaden the knowledge of its existence.

    Nobody can use, let alone explore, something that does not know exist, to be able to promote a blog, it is a guarantee of visualization, and appreciation of what is published in their preludes. But this can be ambiguous, which is why we deal directly with how a blog can be promoted or made known.

    Advertising is essential for the dissemination of information and can be promoted, both the blog and the contents that are offered to the public in it . There are many mechanisms, strategies, forms and tactics to do this, ranging from advertising on social networks, to the most effective attraction measures in Marketing. Let's take a tour of the possibilities.

    According to the figures, Instagram popularity is very high , which is why it has multiple users logging in multiple times a day as well.

    So, due to the great success of this platform, it determines that promoting your blog via Instagram has good results as increased visibility, which is what is required. Similarly, it is currently the social network that reaches the greatest reach with regards to advertising initiatives, blogs or other and also through which the sale of products and content is facilitated.

    Today the most important activities are those found in social networks , Instagram has of all the biggest answers because of its main feature which is to capture visually, the text and the rest is important, but what attracts the audience the most is the image. In turn, if your Instagram account has multiple visits, it will also have the blog they promote or the website.

    Like all of them advertising strategies, provides for the constancy and use of tools more important than Instagram like the hashtags you have to choose which ones are directly related to your brand that are currently popular. Likewise, like high-quality photographs and direct contact with your audience are part of it and are important, so interacting with them will make you discover their personal needs or tastes.

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    Facebook: Since it is one of the most important and popular social networks in the world, it also has services to advertise your blog or brand via Facebook. This social network has several ways of promoting with a high advertising interface.

    Twitter: It is not a lie for those who do not have more high users than I have, but it is not to be ruled out because as far as advertising is concerned you can get various campaigns to advertise your blog within this platform depending on the objectives you want to achieve.

    Alternative ways to promote a blog on the Internet

    Since you start with a blog you have to learn how to promote it in different ways , whatever content you are generating must be of value and with the best strategies that we will explain below:

    Develop interesting titles

    In keeping with this, the content must be structured with a catchy title, which seduces the reader and makes him want to read what is being said, the best way to promote the content is to call it attractively, remember that an item is exhibited , and you have to make it eye-catching.

    Use descriptive images

    Although you may not believe it until the correct use of images with their description tends to attract more users if you want that the reader has a good experience within the blog, it is important to optimize the images that are inserted inside. Furthermore, it is important that the use of these images is legal and that the source of a protected site is not used.

    It is recommended that it is sized appropriately for the platform, that it is of good quality and also that it has a good description. Applying these tools will also help your blog's visibility.

    Use internal and external links

    Hyperlinks take us to another page with one click, this can be very beneficial in the first case if we insert internal links that will direct us within our website but to another section that could also be interesting for him. them even more.

    We would also help the reader to further expand on the information they already have and thus a spend a lot more time on the blog, which is one of the main objectives to avoid rebounds.

    It is also important to include external links because there is information that can be integrated with another website, equally of quality that will help us improve relationships with other sites and may even visit yours.

    Interview with influencers

    The essence of blogging advertising also goes hand in hand with inspirational marketing, interviewing influential people in the media can get us into greater connection with the blog audience, the inspiration conveyed by influencers leads to users . At the same time you can get information, advice from the world of Internet platforms.

    Use visual assets (infographic)

    Today, one of the best strategies for blogs and other platforms is to use images as one of the best means of communicating information to the user. For this reason, it is important including infographics in blogs as one of the greatest visual tools and that it is represented in summary.

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    When a topic gets a little difficult we can include an infographic to get more attention and for the user to understand faster. Also, according to studies, graphic content is much more viral because it captures faster for this reason, create an infographic based on the design and style of your blog.

    You should already be waiting for advice on publishing the blog on social networks, in groups within the interaction platforms and related elements, although its use is true and effective, there is something essential that must be considered first, and that is the content that is generated, its quality and quantity.

    Create a group on LinkedIn

    To start you can do it with the free version and this will help you to have greater visibility of your blog through professionals or companies that they know your blog better by having more direct communication and that also require your services.

    Many people around the world own LinkedIn and you can reach them through these groups and create a profitable side-by-side relationship. Likewise, they contact you for offer you a collaboration that will generate even more reach for your blog.

    What are the best techniques for advertising a blog?

    There is a very particular technique with which you can give more visibility to your blog and that is to make invitations to other similar blogs. Look for him and offer to write him an article on his blog, then do it in the best possible way and you can insert links to your blog to get more visits to yours.

    Also this technique would help you in the visibility of your blog and therefore you can do it on multiple blogs and insert a photo and a caption that lead to your blog.

    Tips and keys to get more visibility on a blog

    You have to bring information from the blog, to other preludes, such as social networks, or groups and internal spaces of the same, where people interact in greater numbers, but in a subtle way, and related to the topics being addressed.

    For example, leave the link on the blue color in a space where you are talking about the blue color. So there are guarantees that the entry to the blog can be attractive, by users interested in that particular topic. Keeping in mind that the best tactic, form or strategy will be to offer quality content that entice the user to come back and recommend the blog.

    Original content

    There is nothing to be gained by giving a big promotion, and when you enter the blog you are faced with semi-built elements, and a limited supply of content, the best strategy or tactic to do an effective promotion, is to do it when you are already. having a conference a considerable number of options in which the Internet user can browse internally.

    In turn, this content must be related to similar or highly requested topics, within the same article or writing space. This helps the reader to find common content with their concerns and in turn gives great measure and growth to the blog.

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    To increase the participation of even more readers than you already have, you need to create original and quality content. It will be useless to create excess content if it is a copy or if it is not quite good, proportionate to the needs of the reader to meet their needs.

    Constantly updated

    Keeping up-to-date with the information and news appearing on the Internet is important in order not to be left behind with technology, as well to update information on their blogs in based on the information that emerges.

    Content marketing strategies

    The specific job of content marketing is to attract customers, so what you do you will do based on that of course. Likewise, important content is created for various digital media with ideal colors.

    Per brand o blog having marketing strategies should be a fundamental investment , only in this way will they gain greater online visibility by working daily on customer service.

    This way, one of your main goals will be to grow by creating valuable content to attract readers and thus also have more proximity to users.

    Search engine optimization

    The use of keywords, within the writing of blog texts, helps generate coincidences in Internet searches , and helping to ensure that one of the first options the internet user finds is the blog they want to promote

    All this contributes to more users who find the blog, in addition to adding your blog to multiple search engines you have to access the blog and look for the configuration option on the left side and click on it, then in that section press visible to search engines search.

    Have a schedule

    This can be a very important step for your blog, that is, if you want to have good results, not only the effort but also the time and planning you have to do it is enough. Generate goals or what you want to achieve through this blog.

    You can planning based on time that you can dedicate to the blog, prepare the information, images and even the means by which you will promote it, write down everything to make it happen.

    On the other hand, it is important in your planning generate new and innovative ideas, without distractions, noting in a notebook what comes to mind to make it happen. You can also check what results you have had so far to see how you can increase your visibility further.

    Are there any tools that allow you to promote a blog automatically?

    They currently exist applications to manage the blog more efficiently or your profiles on social networks that allow you to connect to multiple platforms through the same application, thus helping us to save more time. This app is called Hootsuite which is tasked with keeping everything organized with follow-up columns. But your blog doesn't actually promote you automatically.

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