How can I protect my smartphone What is Norton Antivirus and how does it work?

And phones they had a big impact on society, going from being a means of communication that was on the street or in our homes to being a multitool with hundreds of functions, ranging from a camera, with which we can take several photographs and upload them to our social networks or to the communication via instant messaging applications.

There are many options that we have with a mobile phone, more if it is an Android device, they bring customizable functions to the user, ranging from activating the backup battery, to use and customization Widget to lock the screen of our android phone. Having a cellphone is fun, however, these behave a responsibility e we must be cautious when we use it with a virus.

The risks of having a virus on our phone

We must not underestimate viruses, they not only inhabit computers, but also our phones, both Android and iPhone, since the main goal of a virus is to infect each of the files that can inhabit an operating system, be it a computer or a mobile phone. it can even go further and it can steal our personal information.

A virus is extremely delicate, as it tries to damage, steal and cheat with each of the information that inhabits our operating systems, so it is recommended that you know the sections di safety and privacy of our devices, as they have options how to protect and put passwords in my Android folders and files.

However, despite having knowledge of the security and privacy of our system, it is impossible for us to always be vigilant, as we are non-professional users or experts in the sections of analyzing and identifying malicious files, so it is important to tell. applications that protect i our phones, one of these options is Norton, an antivirus that can get us out of trouble.

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What is Norton Antivirus and how does it work?

It is one of the best known and most used antivirus, as currently in the antivirus market, Norton stands out for being a very complete antivirus, in able to identify and alert the user of threats that may be present in the operating system, covering both the operating system of our computers and having a mobile application to download it and also take care of our mobile phone.

Norton currently has a pack of editions, each focusing on powerful and special functions to inspect and protect, ranging from Norton Internet Security to Norton 360, some like Norton are paid but also have apps that give their free antivirus service such as Norton 360, available on both PC and Android and iPhone.

Like the packages designed for personal and home use, Norton has an enterprise suite called Symantec Endpoint Protection in regular and suite version, which bring much more complete and specific functions and a administration center for inspection and analysis of the central computer and servers.

How to get Norton Antivirus?

As mentioned above, Norton Antivirus works both as a paid application and as a free version for every platform, be it PC or mobile, on its official website, Norton has its Norton Mobile Security section, where you can subscribe to the Antivirus service for your mobile phone is annual for 1 or 2 years.

Norton Mobile Security has tools like App Advisor, which scan steadily the whole root of Archives of our device, to check that there are no signs of viruses such as malware, ransomware, etc. Likewise, it has tools focused on Wifi Security, Web Protection and Internal Security.

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But if you want its free version, from the Google Play or App Store page we can find a simpler version of Norton, which also has almost the same functions against malware and ransomware, it is also equipped with protection when browsing the Internet and also includes a VPN, a complete app to protect our phone.

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